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I can’t help noticing that hard times bring out the inner totalitarian in many of our elected officials, especially those for whom I did not vote. There was a good deal of discussion and snickering when the oratorical cadences of Mayor Pete seemed to match those of B. H. Obama. It seemed as though Pete […]

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Squabble Over the Squad Gets Squalid


“Send her back, send her back, send her back!” the crowd thunderously chanted at a recent Trump rally.  They were referring, of course, to Rep. Ilhan Omar, originally from Somalia and one of the main, malcontented mean girls of what has been recently designated as the “Squad.”

One commentator compared the chanting to “two minutes of hate” from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the dystopian novel about a nightmarish authoritarian regime.  Seriously? Leftists, whose numbers terrifyingly continue to swell, have been hating on America every second of every day for the last fifty years or more. They hate America, they hate the Founding Fathers, they hate every facet of our history, they hate our customs, they hate Judeo-Christian religion, they hate Western civilization, they hate capitalism, they hate self-reliance, they hate beauty, they hate truth, they hate sexual and gender normalcy, they hate “whiteness” itself.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America highly enjoy the return of infighting among Democrats, as progressive House members target moderate Rep. Henry Cuellar and Cuellar slams them in return. They also unload on Yahoo! for running a story accusing actor Chris Pratt of white supremacy for wearing a t-shirt featuring the U.S. flag and the Gadsden Flag, and for labeling mainstream conservative groups as elements of the far right fringe. And they roll their eyes as Planned Parenthood removes its president after just eight months, in part because she refused to use trans-friendly language when discussing pregnancy.

We forgot to mention, but certainly should have, that there are hundreds of actors in this two and a half minute video and only about three of them are so brazen and uncool as to be white. Not least of which is the star, Kendall Jenner. Which certainly is a slap in the face to the expectations of the Democratic voters who star in the thing and for whom it was made. After all, haven’t they been promised a world in which white people have been eliminated?

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