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Don’t Cry for Me, Caitlyn Jenner: ESPN and Media Comeuppance


ESPN has announced a massive round of layoffs today – over 100 people, many of them on-air talent – as the most expensive channel on cable television struggles to balance the books amid exploding sports licensing fees and plummeting cable subscriber numbers. But Outkick the Coverage (via National Review) notes that ESPN’s pronounced Leftward political lean may have played a large part in its current problems, too:

Middle America wants to pop a beer and listen to sports talk, they don’t want to be lectured about why Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, Michael Sam is the new Jackie Robinson of sports, and Colin Kaepernick is the Rosa Parks of football. ESPN made the mistake of trying to make liberal social media losers happy and as a result lost millions of viewers.


Queen for a Day


I am really glad you weren’t there, because I blew a gasket when the storied race director, 75-year-old Tennnesee “Tenn” K. Pace, asked me to pull down my pants.

With the encouragement of my college basketball coach, Al E. Oops, I had registered to compete in the women’s division of the Movement Marathon, a fund-raiser to promote O.I.C. awareness. I showed up for the race in a stunning hot pink singlet and fuschia shorts. Underneath, I wore my brand new JogBra and down below, an advanced prototype of the new Tuck-It-In® jockey strap developed by my director of transgender products research, R.N.D. Funding.