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An Open Letter to My Keyboard Spider


Dear spider,

I know you have places to go. Perhaps my keyboard might be the shortest distance between two points. But, really, it’s not a safe place for you to walk. You see, many of us humans do what is known as touch typing. We don’t look at the keyboard while typing. We’re looking at the monitor where the letters appear. So, if you start walking across the keyboard, I may not see you the next time. Someone is going to get hurt, and someone else is going to get spider guts and broken chitin all over his fingers. And on the keyboard, too.

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My husband was watching this early James Bond last night (Dr. No), and there was a scene in which a would-be killer has put a tarantula in Bond’s bed. Bond sweats and trembles as he watches the tarantula crawl over him (but tarantulas aren’t deadly). Once the creature moves on to his pillow, Bond jumps out of bed […]

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