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Rob Long is in for Jim. Today, Rob and Greg serve up two good martinis, plus a bad and a crazy.  They start by getting a kick out of the Texas Dems’ PR stunt getting more bizarre, as five members test positive for COVID while they remain on the lam.  They welcome public denunciation of China’s destructive hacking efforts but wonder just how tough the world will get in confronting Beijing.  They also fire back at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for suggesting that a user who is banned on one social platform for “misinformation” should be banned on all of them. And they get a kick out of the government renaming animals like Asian carp and gypsy moths to avoid offending someone.

Quote of the Day: Peggy Noonan on Language


The title of Peggy Noonan’s essay in last week’s Wall Street Journal was “What Were Robespierre’s Pronouns?” Two great paragraphs:

There is the latest speech guide from the academy, the Inclusive Communications Task Force at Colorado State University. Don’t call people “American”, it directs; “This erases other cultures.” Don’t say a person is mad or a lunatic, call him “surprising/wild” or “sad”.  “Eskimo”, “freshman” and “illegal alien” are out.  “You guys” should be replaced by “all/folks”. Don’t say “male” or “female”, say “man”, “woman”, or “gender non-binary”.