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Friday Food and Drink Post: “I Want To Be Alone” Edition


So, Ricochetti: What are you doing to eat your way through the CoronApocalypse? Here at Chez She, in the very armpit of Southwestern PA, we’re going big for soup, and have worked our way through beef vegetable, mushroom barley, and (most recently) chicken noodle. We’re too far from town for meal deliveries. I’m trying not to go into town myself if I can avoid it, and, anyway, most of the little places we do like to eat are closed because they’re small businesses and it’s become too complicated and expensive for them to stay open just for take-out.

Pennsylvania seems to be well on its way to the same draconian lifestyle restrictions as California (the list of what’s allowed and what isn’t can be found here**), and it’s a good thing I’ve got the world’s finest yarn stash and (at least) several hundred sets of knitting needles, otherwise, I’d be going stir-crazy by now.

Here are the recipes for our recent Soupapalooza: Beef Vegetable, Mushroom Barley, Chicken Noodle.

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I love almost any kind of soup: Thick soup, thin soup, vegetable soup, meat soup, cold soup, hot soup, clear soup, cream soup, soup with “bits” in it, smooth soup. Soup is great. A bowl of steaming chowder on a frosty day, a dish of chilled fruit soup in midsummer. Croutons. Garlic bread. Oyster crackers. […]

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