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Unexpected Gifts – Sons


Today is my middle son’s 33rd birthday, the one I call Pipeliner because he is a pipeline engineer. I have three sons, born four and a half years apart. All of them are unexpected gifts. They were not unexpected in the sense of their arrival, we wanted all three. Rather, the unexpected gifts are the delightful surprises all three have provided.

My oldest is a genius, literally, he tested as such (it runs in the family, my two brothers are geniuses. I am not. That makes me the dumb one in the family.) He is even smart enough to understand the limitations of genius. (Too many smart people treat genius the way a bandit treats a firearm. They act as if all you have to do is wave it around and you get what you want, even when you do not use it.) It was an unexpected gift to have someone with whom I could engage intellectually over the dinner table.

Quote of the Day: Fathers and Sons


“Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.” – Charles Kettering

I worked as an engineer for many years before shifting into technical writing. I have three adult sons. All three are engineers. I did not advise them to be engineers. I advised them to follow the careers that would serve them best.

Maternal Inadequacy and a Musical Son


I’m not a music person. I’m just not. Yes, I used to play the piano. Still do, when I happen across one, but otherwise? I barely even listen to music on the radio anymore.

I wouldn’t have said that my children’s dad was especially musical either, yet somehow we managed to produce Peter. Who has been working on, working with, working toward music — specifically the drums — since he was about 11 years old.

Is he any good at it? I don’t know. Even when I do listen to the radio, I listen to classical (specifically Baroque). Left to my own devices, I would never listen to whatever it is that Peter’s band does … though when I go to hear his band play, I am mesmerized. All the wild energy that made Peter a difficult boy to have in the house or for that matter in one’s uterus (he was always Peter, right from the get-go!) make him compelling on stage — unless that’s just maternal devotion talking?

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I’m not a particularly big fan of greeting card companies. They’ve conspired to create too many artificial holidays to push their product. I’m no big fan of left-wing film makers, either. But this four and a half minutes hits an obvious nerve with me. Directed by Oscar winner Barbara Kopple this is the story of […]

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