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 We are enjoying better-than-Chamber-of-Commerce weather in the Valley of the Sun. Chamber of Commerce weather is the sort of day that photographers seek for picture postcards. In Arizona, that means blue skies and sun over the golf resorts, the sort of day being sold to tourists from cold, grey, snowy climes. But, if you know […]

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The Desert Southwest is not colorless. Nor are the colors in the landscape just from different hues of sand and stone. There is a great deal of life, a fascinating variety of plants.

When I moved to Arizona, I carried a bit of the family tradition with me, trying to grow the sorts of flowers, herbs, and vegetables I had grown up around. I acclimatized and discovered that even short absences resulted in returning home to find sun-blasted plants. So, I switched to regional plants in my large container garden.


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Sister Judy Bourg picks up rocks to help support a grave marker, while Margo McKinsey holds it upright. (Photo: Arizona Daily Star)

Summer has come to the Sonoran Desert. On June 2, we hit the 102° mark in my community located about 30 miles north of Tucson. The following day the temperature was 107°. Saturday, the high hit 108°. As has been said, it’s a dry heat; 107° feels like 105°.

The rising thermometer is not the only sign of summer. Scorpions become more active in the summer heat. I was getting ready to shave yesterday morning and just as I put my hand on the faucet to start running some water I saw a scorpion crawling out of the overflow opening in the sink. I went to the den to find a magazine that I didn’t want to keep and then back to the bathroom to dispatch the two-inch-long pest. Two whacks and then a little clean-up. I then put painters tape over all the sink overflow openings in the house.