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The guys tackle Captain Marvel. Does Sonny think Wonder Woman is better? Vic takes a movie bathroom break. JVL witnesses a dishwashing atrocity. Sonny and Vic explain drinking games to JVL.


ACF Critic Series #17: Sonny Bunch, Watchmen


This week, we’re doing a crossover: Sonny Bunch of the SubBeacon (formerly SubStandard) is joining me to talk about Zack Snyder, the only artist of the superhero blockbuster era, and his greatest achievement, Watchmen, the best superhero movie we have, on its 10th anniversary. Listen, share, and join us in the comments!

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On the Nature of Sandwiches: An Open Letter to Jonah Goldberg


Jonah, I enjoyed reading your column. As always, you have a style that makes the reader want to finish, no matter how much they disagree. It was well thought-out, though your logic was flawed. The biggest mistake you made was one of a closed mind.

Allow me to explain. You claim that sandwiches must meet extremely specific criteria. They are: two distinct slices of bread; proteins (meat), fats (cheese), or vegetables between the slices; eaten with parallel slices of bread on a plane perpendicular to the vector of acceleration due to gravity. This is a perfectly acceptable definition and has no doubt served you well in your life so far. But…


Hail, Caesar! A tale of movie reviewing


The Coen Bros. have a new movie, a comedy remarkably free of the sordid, & it’s trying to tell important truths about ’50s America, which is a meeting of past & future America, & has much to recommend it to both left & right. The movie makes fun of the nostalgia on both sides, but […]

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