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It’s the Official Stad Birthday Week!


Yes, my wife had her week of glory leading up to her birthday, now it’s my turn! In honor of the actual number of years my butt will have circled the Sun when the day arrives, I modified the Beatle’s classic, “When I’m Sixty-Four”:

I’m getting older, losing my brain,
A million cells a day.
Will you still be trashing me to all your friends,
Buy me cheap beer, box of Depends?
If Sandra Bullock gave me a kiss,
Would you bar the door?
Would you berate me, would you castrate me,
When I’m sixty-four?



Schadenfreude, darling, Schadenfreude
Thank for all the joy and pain.
Clinton’s blows, Oval Office was the place they’d meet
On your feet, be discrete, now get beat.

Schadenfreude, Biden, Schadenfreude
Thank you for shotgun blasts through my door.
I recall VP’s house in fall — how he got undressed,
what a mess, he won’t confess, that’s not all.

Schadenfreude, Rich Dem’s Schadenfreude,
Thank you for balks down mem’ry’s arcade
I can see nail marks on your palms
Reputations gone for all time
Thee and thine, hiding all the time

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On my drive to work this morning, the local weather guy on the radio told me it was eighteen degrees.  At first, I knew Lileks could control the weather, and get revenge for my earlier “Gee it’s warm here in the sunny South, nyah nyah” post.  Then it hit me (done to the tune of […]

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