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Trump’s FEC Filings


Donald Trump’s May FEC filings were released yesterday evening and they do not paint a pretty picture. Trump entered June with $1.3 million in cash-on-hand. That’s fairly typical… for a semi-competitive congressional race. Over on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton had $42 million going into June. In May, Trump’s campaign spent $6.7 million. About 20 percent of this spending was payments to firms he owns and covering his children’s travel expenses. Looking forward, Clinton’s campaign has reserved $117 million in ad buys between tomorrow and Election Day on television, while Trump and his groups have reserved $700,000. It’ll be hard for the RNC to cover the gap, as:

…the RNC had only about $20 million cash-on-hand at the end of the month — $40 million less than the RNC did as of May 2012, when Mitt Romney, a prolific fundraiser, was topping the ticket. And it raised about $20 million less in May 2016 as it did in May 2012.

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So now that we know how the “Ides of March Primaries” (if Trump had lost all five states I doubt that’d be the Ricochet nom de journée) treated all of our candidates let’s get back to the math. To lighten up our usually dry analysis I’ll give you some musical numbers to help you through our think-piece. Of […]

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