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“What Does an American Promise Mean Today?”


LTC Scott Mann’s opening statement about the Afghanistan evacuation fiasco is well worth watching. If you want horrid details of what the pullout was like from a tactical perspective for those involved, read Operation Pineapple Express. I respect this man. I have never served with him, but he’s all in with whatever he does.

I have no illusions that this will result in anything other than the satisfaction of saying it out loud in the House.

Book Review: ‘Operation Pineapple Express’


I just finished reading Operation Pineapple Express by LTC(R) Scott Mann. By its own account:

An edge-of-your-seat thriller about a group of retired Green Berets who come together to save a former comrade—and 500 other Afghans—being targeted by the Taliban in the chaos of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

I found it to be a good, if not great, read. LTC(R) Mann, once again, shines a light on the bonds forged in warfare, particularly with our host nation counterparts, and the scars left behind. All of this is wrapped in the grotesque fiasco that was the US pull-out of Afghanistan. In my overactive imagination, I picture the Biden administration waking up with a hangover and someone (Milley?) pulling a wadded-up bar napkin out of his pocket, unraveling it to discover a sketch of how to pull out of Afghanistan. Yeah…let’s do this

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On…


Four years ago today, a US Army Special Forces Team was attacked in Niger, West Africa, leaving four Americans dead, two wounded, and a political wake almost as bad as the attack itself. My son was on the team and, by the grace of God, survived. I wrote a lot about it, if you care to know, here, here, here,  here,  and here.

Pictured left from left to right are those we lost. Bryan Black. I have a friendship with his parents and they are truly great people. His Dad single-handedly stays in touch with all the other families which is how I know what is to follow. Bryan’s wife and two boys are doing well and she wrote a book about the experience that I enjoyed and I fully endorse.

Next JW Johnson. His family is fairing OK and I hear little about them. LaDavid Johnson. I keep tabs on LaDavid Johnson’s family (a wife and three kids) and his parents. They are recovering slowly but steadily and opening up to the Black family’s continued attempts at a relationship. Both Johnson’s recently received honorary Green Berets due to this incident. Dustin Wright. Dustin Wright’s family is managing as well, although his father struggles. The Wrights have set up a foundation in his name to assist veterans. Good on em’.

Member Post


At the risk of celebrating another human beings death I humbly post the below.  If I ever get the chance I’ll buy a swimming pool full of booze for the French Mirage pilot, the French Commandos who extracted my son and his team, and now these guys.    I wish Boss were here… Preview Open

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A Day in the Life of a Combat Diver Student or Yep I’m Wet Again…


I had just closed my eyes and opened them when it registered that one of my two roommates had left the light on.  I was just about to give them some serious what for and tell them to shut off the damn light.  Then I noticed one of them was donning his PT clothes.  I seemingly blinked and five hours were gone; it was time to get up.  I was in the middle of the Combat Diver Qualification Course (CDQC) week three.

Monday through Friday 0500 was first call, followed by a 0530 formation for Physical Training.  Every day, as we groggily went about getting our PT clothes on, our self-appointed morale team would slide their boombox (remember those?) into the hallway and hit play.  Canned Heat “Going Up Country” would blare down the hall and within a few seconds we’d all be dancing (it wasn’t pretty) and singing along.  Without fail in unison we’d all belt out the second stanza:  

Whattaya’ Wanna’ Be….?!’: Pool week-The Discriminators


“You ever do crossovers or bobbing?” One of the men asked the Reserve Marine Recon man sitting across from him.  It was Sunday night in Key West Florida and we were finishing dinner and sipping a cold one.  

“Nope!” He said confidently.  We all just made silent eye contact around the table. He has no idea what is coming. No one says anything but we all know tomorrow is going to be a nightmare for him.   At the time pre-SCUBA was not a prerequisite for the Marines and SCUBA school was grossly underestimated by them.