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Wrap up this crazy, eventful week with the Friday Three Martini Lunch. Jim and Greg start with a quick cheer for the January jobs report before moving on to the three main discussions of the day. First, they get a kick out of Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that President Trump wasn’t really acquitted and Blitzer pointing out in detail that, in fact,  Trump really was found not guilty. They also celebrate the intelligence and military precision that combined to target and kill Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. And Jim unleashes a devastating rant against now former Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh, who has now flip-flopped to the point where he vows to vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination, even if it’s an avowed socialist.

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For me, being a Republican means identifying with the notion of rugged individualism. That although it is true that governance is necessary, as after all, citizens do need stop signs, fire districts, and to maintain an army, it is equally true that as citizens we require and demand  the  right to live and  breathe freely. […]

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As I mentioned in my last post, foreign and domestic progressives think America stands as the main stumbling block to the global peace and utopia that might just lay around the bend. I used to think that most of the world thought of America as the big bully or at least that in every conflict […]

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It Started with World Peace


I’ve decided to start writing in hopes to take a journey of understanding to delve into why progressives hate conservatives and, evidently, the idea of America. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I hope some on this site with take the journey with me.

When I was a kid in the ‘80s, I often heard the prayer, the hope, and the goal of “World Peace” repeated. I believe that most, if not all of the progressive efforts of the last century and a quarter are aimed at achieving this goal. If we can understand the underlying reasons for this, we can better understand what progressives hope to accomplish and why they hate us.


Let’s Stop Pretending Bernie Sanders Wants to Duplicate Scandinavia


Bernie Sanders supporters are quick to make clear that their guy doesn’t want to turn America into Cuba or Venezuela or the old Soviet Union. By “democratic socialism,” the US senator from Vermont means Scandinavia, more or less. And what’s wrong with that? The Nordic nations are pretty nice. Even President Trump has conceded that Norway produces a quality immigrant.

But does Sanders really want to import Scandinavian “socialism?” He brags that his universal health-care plan eliminates patient cost-sharing. But Scandinavia has it. Sanders wants to raise a lot of revenue through heavy taxes on business and investment. Scandinavia doesn’t. Sanders has a big problem with billionaires. Scandinavia doesn’t. Indeed, as I have written, “The egalitarian Nordic nations have as many billionaires, relatively, as the US and more concentrated wealth, at least as measured by the share of wealth controlled by the top 10 percent.”

I could go on and on, mentioning how the Nordics score highly in the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Index, especially when it comes to government regulation. They’re also free traders, unlike Sanders, who opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990s and its successor agreement today. As a JPMorgan analysis cautioned: “Copy the Nordic model if you like, but understand that it entails a lot of capitalism and pro-business policies, a lot of taxation on middle class spending and wages, minimal reliance on corporate taxation and plenty of co-pays and deductibles in its healthcare system.”

Socialism Violates the 10 Commandments


“Socialism violates at least three of the Ten Commandments: It turns government into God, it legalizes thievery and it elevates covetousness. Discussions of income inequality, after all, aren’t about prosperity but about petty spite. Why should you care how much money I make, so long as you are happy?” — Ben Shapiro

I’ve never heard socialism described this way, and it makes sense: anyone who is supposedly religious can’t subscribe to both socialism and religion. Well, of course, they can, but it must be difficult to ignore the cognitive dissonance.

How often have you heard Progressivism described as just another religion? Since Progressivists adhere to socialism (whether they admit it or not), they can’t legitimately engage in a religion, certainly not a theistic one.

Millennials, Gen Z, and Our Times


If the 20th century was a slum, the 21st may turn out to be a slough of despond.

Many members of my young generation are basketcases — ever teetering on the edge of breakdown, strangely aware and unaware of their own condition. Some seek redemption in politics; some immerse themselves in subcultures and fandom; some wallow in their self-loathing. Most simply drift through life, shrugging and LOLing and YOLOing in that familiar digital way.

Because I’m more than willing to be sucked into the black hole of Millennial despair, I’ve spent a bit of time, in recent months, lurking in the post-liberal-right universe. It’s been instructive. Among young traditionalists, the prevailing nostalgia is not quite the same sense of longing that produced the Trump voter — not a nostalgia for the postwar suburb, but a nostalgia for life in a thriving market town circa 1880. These people, by and large, don’t yearn for “good factory jobs” or blame the world’s problems on immigration and outsourcing. They yearn for the shire, and they believe that economic processes have homogenized the meaning out of life. They see capitalism as a Faustian bargain — all the objects a person could want (and then some), acquired at the cost of community, family, and meaningful work. Such people decry the suburbs, the decadence and vulgarity of popular culture, the unpredictability and unreliability of service jobs, and the virtual necessity of two-income households. They even decry the average American Christian’s way of life, which they find uninspired and isolating. They say they want families, but that they don’t have the time or support to raise them. They say they want love, but that they don’t know where to find it. And so on and so forth — ennui for pages and pages.

Capitalism vs. Socialism: Facts vs. Opinion


Opinion: Capitalism is a corrupt system, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Fact: Capitalism has created more wealth for more people, than ever in the history of the world.
Fact: The poor in America are still richer than about 70% of the rest of the world.
My opinion: Capitalism in itself is not a corrupt system; people are easily corrupted and the system need not be replaced.

Opinion: Democratic Socialism is a better economic system for the US than capitalism.
Fact: Socialism is defined as “[a system] in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the [government],” and “[a system] in which there is no private property.”
Fact: This is what happened in the USSR, Cuba, and Venezuela, and it resulted in extreme poverty for all, except those in power.
Fact: The Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Tyranny of Language


The efforts to slur, silence and punish people who refuse to kowtow to the Leftist agenda are increasing. With the talk of socialism, the Left continues to try to control our thinking, stop our discussions and attack any ideas that differ from their own. Recently I noticed a use of language that surprised and alarmed me. I’d like to briefly summarize their actions to date, and then share the most recent attacks on what we say and do.

One of the earliest efforts to control the language, and in particular to castigate people who disagreed with them, appeared as political correctness:

Professor Frank Ellis at the University of Sheffield noted the term ‘political correctness’ was first used in the late 19th to the early 20th century when Vladimir Lenin began his rise to power. Ellis said that Marxist-Leninists and Maoists placed a heavy preeminence on being ideologically correct, both politically and theoretically. Essentially, a ‘forum for discussion,’ as Ellis described it, would impede the revolutionary spirit needed to upend the social order.

Quote of the Day: Down with the Individual, Down with Private Property


Socialism seems to attract many of our millennials. So let’s go through some Khmer Rouge slogans and sayings to get a sense of what real socialism is. And no, real socialism is not Norway or Sweden, but Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime. A regime that was ruled by the right people: the highly educated, the intellectual elites.

All slogans and sayings are taken from Henri Locard’s book Pol Pot’s Little Red Book: The Sayings of Angkar, which I talked about in one of my previous posts.

Thanks for joining the Three Martini Lunch today.  Once again, Rob Long of National Review and Ricochet is sitting in for Jim.  Today, we celebrate the resignation of socialist Bolivian dictator Evo Morales and notice how very sad the mainstream media and far left politicians are that Morales is no longer in power.  They also note the retirement of New York GOP Rep. Peter King, and while they don’t really care if King retires. they see it as further evidence that things look bleak for Republicans in the suburbs in 2020.  And they chronicle ABC and CBS acting like the Keystone Cops in apparently firing the wrong person for leaking the Amy Robach rant against ABC for spiking the Jeffrey Epstein story for three years.  Rob is also shaking his head at the producer tearfully insisting she would never make public something as compelling as Robach’s comments.

Dinesh D’Souza on the Socialist Temptation


Thursday night, Dinesh D’Souza was in town to meet with the local Young America’s Foundation group and give a talk at the State University of New York at Buffalo. It was free and open to the public, so my wife and I went. His talk was streamed live and can be viewed on YouTube:

Cow Flatulence No Longer a Laughing Matter


We all giggled, guffawed, or groaned at the Green New Deal’s line about cow flatulence causing the end of the world. We wiped up the coffee we had spewed over our phone or keyboard. Then we went about our lives as if this was not a clear and present danger.

Well, the dairy farmers of Wisconsin, the state built on (dairy cow) cheese and beer, are not laughing now. No farmer across this country should be in anything but full fight mode now. There is no flight option. John Hinderaker of PowerLine Blog has the story [emphasis added]:

The Green New Deal, and similar environmental initiatives, have little to do with the environment and much to do with the Left’s desire to control every aspect of our lives. Because everything we do, beginning with breathing, involves emission of carbon dioxide or other “greenhouse gases.” AOC’s Green New Deal specifically proposed, among other things, that all air travel be banned and that all cows be done away with because they produce methane.

The Moral Hazard of Elizabeth Warren


I know a lot of people love Elizabeth Warren. I don’t doubt that she’s smart, charming, and extremely likable in person, and that she exudes a kind of authenticity and decency for which people are desperate.

She’s an impressive woman. I think she will be the Democratic candidate, and I think there’s at least a 50/50 chance that she might become President.

The Children of Karl Marx


Ever wonder what happened to the children of the lead promoter of Communism, the guy who penned the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx? They are alive and well today – Living free right here in the land of Capitalism.

Approximately 37 percent of our young people think Socialism is a new and swell idea. This alarming statistic shouldn’t really surprise us. After all, when you think about it, socialism is all the young people have ever known.

While in their parental homes, they lived in a socialist system: everything was given to them: food, shelter, work assignments, healthcare, an allowance, a cell phone, maybe a car.  They very likely had no idea the costs of these “entitlements” and might even think they were “free” because they were, indeed, free to them.

Quote of the Day – How Freedom is Lost


I left the Soviet Union to escape communism, socialism, Marxism — whatever you want to call it. America was and still is the only place in the world you are truly free, and you are losing it. Now the evil is coming here; it is all around us, especially where I live in California. These people are ignorant, they have no historical knowledge, and they are very dangerous. The ideology is seductive to America’s naive youth and always ends up with people dead. – Svetlana, the pseudonym of a Soviet émigré to the United States, now in her 80s.

The quote comes from a woman interviewed for a Washington Times article on the seduction of socialism. They kept her name secret for fear of the consequences to her if they revealed it. The need for secrecy is real and all very soviet. A SJW mob would show no reluctance to dogpile an eighty-something woman who warns of the consequences of the mob’s actions.

NY Times Finally Finds a Downside to Mass, Unregulated Immigration


In the United States, mass, unregulated immigration is seen as the key to a permanent, Democrat governing majority when third-world migrants and their offspring tip every large red state to blue. This majority will, in turn, impose the full panoply of Nordic taxes and welfare services. For the sake of cheap labor (and a welfare-funded consumer market), big business is firmly in the camp of supporting the mass importation of the very voters that will destroy the capitalist system, thus fulfilling Lenin’s prophecy that “the capitalist will sell you the rope you will hang him with.”

In Sweden, on the other hand, some see mass immigration as a potential threat to the socialist welfare system.