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Quote of the Day: Capitalism and Socialism


“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” – Winston Churchill

How can you tell we are entering a socialist society in the United States? The tell is the amount by which shared miseries have grown. Fuel and food prices have soared. There are scarcities of critical items, including baby formula and amoxicillin, scarcities that once they start never seem to grow away. People are worried that what they say might get them fired or imprisoned. Not for actual crime, but for thoughtcrime. And violent crime is growing — as it seems to in every socialist society from the Soviet Union to Venezuela. (Of  course, the government denies that violent crime exists, except by wasters who oppose the government — January 6th trials, anyone?)

Booze and Socialism


My mate and I have noted our supply of various spirits is running out just in time for the holidays. What this means is undertaking a two-hour road trip to an adjacent state where we can shop in a pleasant, supermarket-style store stocked with spirits and wine from across the country and around the world. The knowledgeable staff will help us choose new brands based on our tastes. We will drop several hundred dollars and return across the river with enough to get through the long, dreary winter. I will try and find a good brand of cinnamon whisky which, in my experience, is a highly effective cold medicine.

We cannot get this in our home state. Why? Because our state has a “Liquor Control Commission,” a relic of Progressive and Prohibition-Era socialism that “appoints private businesses to act as its agents and sell its products in exchange for a commission.” In effect, it protects a crony market of crappy, hole-in-the-wall liquor stores staffed by surly, resentful employees, and limits beverage selections to those it deems worthy of being sold in our state. It also regulates what brands of liquor can be distributed within the state, which is why (I suspect) the only cinnamon whisky on sale around here is ‘Fireball.’ Which is… not that good.

Daniel Di Martino, who left the failures of socialism in Venezuela for the freedom of the United States, joins the 100th (!) episode of Young Americans to tell his story, to warn about government excesses in the U.S. (from left and right), and to share what he is doing to make sure America never becomes a socialist country.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome better polling news for the likes of Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and and GOP hopefuls in the critical states of Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and even Pennsylvania. They also notice the odd trend of Democrats like New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Washington Sen. Patty Murray refusing to debate their Republican opponents. And they may have sprained their eyeballs as the very rich Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard presents himself as a socialist who regrets becoming so wealthy and is now dedicated to saving the planet.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss major news from three different spots around the globe. First, they are cautiously optimistic as new British Prime Minister Liz Truss promises to govern as a conservative and that means cutting taxes to grow the economy. They also cheer the people of Chile for overwhelmingly rejecting a new far left constitution that looks an awful like the goals of Democrats in the U.S. And they brace for a very rough winter in Europe as Russia says it will restrict energy exports until “the collective west” backs off its sanctions towards Moscow.

Competing with China in the 21st century requires more than just a sound foreign policy. It requires strengthening America from within. One area where much work is needed in the United States is education, including the education of our young women.

This is an area to which the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women have made tremendous contributions. We talk to Michelle Easton, president of the organization and author of How to Raise a Conservative Daughter.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome research from a left-leaning firm showing that a growing number of Latino voters are very concerned that Democrats are embracing socialism and other far-left positions – and it is translating into more Latino support for Republicans. They also sigh as President Biden yet again claims there was no better way to withdraw from Afghanistan. And Jim is briefly left speechless as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the Congressional Budget Office score of the latest massive spending bill is “fake.”


Dave Seminara joins Brian Anderson to discuss the Buffalo mayoral election—in which the socialist Democratic nominee lost a stunner to incumbent Byron Brown’s write-in campaign—and the future of the Queen City.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Quote of the Day: Capitalism and Socialism


“Under capitalism, the rich grow powerful. Under socialism, the powerful grow rich — and everyone else grows poor.” – Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

Why is socialism growing more powerful in the United States? Because it directly benefits the gentry class: those running the country and those supporting them. This includes not just the political elite, but also the upper-middle-class, credentialed workers who work white-collar jobs – management and technology. The folks who can work remotely and get all their wants and needs delivered to their door.

The Inhumanity of the Left


With one disaster unfolding after another with the Biden administration, the focus in America (at least on the right) has been on mistakes, poor planning, confusion, and mismanagement, just to name a few problems. But buried inside all these missteps is an attitude that the Democrats would vehemently deny but permeates everything they do: They are inhumane, and they are either clueless about the implications of their governance or they simply don’t care. Their inhumanity dominates their actions in Afghanistan, the steps they’ve taken (or haven’t taken) on the border, and their handling of the pandemic. I looked up the Merriam-Webster synonyms for “inhumane” and selected the words that I thought best applied:

callous, cold-blooded, compassionless, desensitized, hard, hard-hearted, heartless, insensitive, ruthless, soulless, stonyhearted, unfeeling, unmerciful, unsparing, and unsympathetic

The Movie “Mr. Jones” Shows the Results of Communism


An orange is the only color in the scene. On a train bound for the hinterlands of the Ukraine, Gareth Jones sits among starving peasants. Stirrings of hunger prompt Mr. Jones to reach in his satchel for an orange. Every eye in the train car focuses on that piece of fruit. Mr. Jones, at this point in his journey, is unaware of the starvation being imposed on Ukrainians by Joseph Stalin. One orange, images a story Mr. Jones must tell. One courageous man. One cadre of self-serving Western journalists, covering the truth by silencing their pens. One megalomaniac dictator. One nation on the brink of starvation. One movie that will smash vapid idealistic visions of communism. If you want to know why history matters in the present, please watch Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones displays exactly what happens when dictators subjugate a people and the journalists who are supposed to cover the story, silence their pens. Over one hundred million people died in the 20th century at the hands of despots. Many of these tyrants began their beliefs and practices based on atheism. To understand the 20th century, one must begin with naturalism, materialism, and yes, atheism. YouTube abounds with testimonies about the horrors. There are stories of some who hid others from discovery by jackbooted thugs, and some were spared bloodshed by Providence. Pick a dictator: Mao Zedong, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Castro, they are all cut from the same cloth.

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Apparently, the 2021 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute  Fashion Gala that raises money for the costume industry caused a raucous, which I guess is ok if you are trying to raise money.  With so much crap going on in our government, our country and The World Over (shout out to Raymond Arroyo), I should […]

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Click here to listen to the podcast! As Venezuela falls into the abyss of economic collapse – the economy has halved in five years, a contraction worse than the Great Depression or the Spanish Civil War – a simplistic narrative in the American press has formed, which starts with the Chavez regime seizing control of the […]

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Simon Kuper, writing in the UK publication Financial Times, had an article the other day with the title “Why the US is becoming more European”…a rather smug article, in my view.  He asserts that for decades, influential Americans looking at other countries used to ask “When will they become more like us?”…and argues that this […]

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Socialist Birds of a Feather: 1978


Democratic Socialists AmericaScott Johnson’s recent Power Line post on CRT took us back to 1978 and yet another commie lover. The American left has a long history of admiration for communist regimes, whether Russia, China, Cuba, or even North Korea. They see there an exercise of power such as they desire over us. The left is perfectly willing to say the quiet part out loud. We should take them seriously.

Scott Johnson was commenting on an important and clear recent explanation of how critical race theory led to Kendi. Johnson offered special insight into a very early advocate of CRT [emphasis added]:

Sibarium’s column struck a personal chord with me. He links to and quotes from Alan Freeman’s 1978 Minnesota Law Review article “Legitimizing Racial Discrimination through Antidiscrimination law: A Critical Review of Supreme Court Doctrine.” My last semester in law school I was a student in Professor Freeman’s Civil Rights course.

QotD: Socialism


Accepting Socialism is basically admitting you can’t compete in the real world. You’re saying “I’m willing to give up my liberty, my religion, and my dreams as long as the state will take care of me.” Accepting Socialism is accepting failure. It’s the complete opposite of America. – Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen is a refugee from Communism. He fled Vietnam and moved to the United States and today he is a state representative in Arizona.  If anyone knows socialism and the evil it perpetuates close up and personally, it is him. He lost most of his family to socialistic communism, and had to start over with the clothes on his back and no more. He pushed back in the Arizona legislature against those who minimized socialism’s threat.

It’s Not About Socialism; It’s About Total Destruction (But There’s Hope)


In the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Socialists, Marxists and Communists in our country; they are, after all, the loudest voices attacking the origins and foundations of our Republic. On further reflection, I’m beginning to wonder if the majority of people who appear to support these “revolutionaries” genuinely care about their purported plans for transformation. In fact, I’m quite sure they have no idea how these ideologies will be implemented or the effects they will have on their lives. So, what are all those people who are supporting these radical changes to our country actually unintentionally supporting?

Total and complete destruction of the United States. And they are not yet consciously aware that their actions (or lack thereof) will take them in this direction. Let me explain.

Poverty Is ‘Scarce’ In Venezuela (The Guardian 7 Years Ago)


The Guardian published an article about Venezuela’s “success” in 2013. It is still up and now titled, “Sorry, Venezuela haters: This economy is not the Greece of Latin America: Predicting a Venezuelan apocalypse won’t make it happen.” (Of course, they’d gladly trade places with Greece today.)

For more than a decade people opposed to the government of Venezuela have argued that its economy would implode. Like communists in the 1930s rooting for the final crisis of capitalism, they saw economic collapse just around the corner. How frustrating it has been for them to witness only two recessions: one directly caused by the opposition’s oil strike (December 2002-May 2003) and one brought on by the world recession (2009 and the first half of 2010). However, the government got control of the national oil company in 2003, and the whole decade’s economic performance turned out quite well, with average annual growth of real income per person of 2.7% and poverty reduced by over half, and large gains for the majority in employment, access to health care, pensions and education.

Now Venezuela is facing economic problems that are warming the cockles of the haters’ hearts…