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Fencing Off an Attractive Nuisance


People have been choosing to take some risk and expense to come to this country, rather than others closer to their home country, in part because our federal government, with the collusion of both major party establishments, allowed access to our social welfare system. It took President Trump to finally uphold our written laws, finally getting the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice personnel in place who would not continue resisting American law and the policy preferences of a presidential electoral majority.

On Friday, a short statement from the Press Secretary thanked the Supreme Court for doing the right thing and noting the new DHS rule on immigrants’ access to welfare programs will go into force this Monday.

Statement from the Press Secretary

Howard Husock joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss Husock’s new book, Who Killed Civil Society? The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms.

Government-run social programs funded with tax dollars are thought to be the “solution” to America’s social ills. But in his new book, Who Killed Civil Society?, Husock shows that historically, it was voluntary organizations and civic society, operating independently from government and its mandates, that best promoted the habits and values conducive to upward social mobility.

Perspective, Thankfulness, Patriotism, and Personal Responsibility


We dodged once again, the latest hurricane Nate. I manage properties on the Gulf Coast so I prepare. My helper Carlos is a painter by trade. He helped me secure outdoor furnishings, haul in breakables and put it all back, post storms. It’s been a busy season. So busy, he said that all the checks totaling thousands that I gave him from my property owners, he’s not had a chance to deposit.

His sister has a housekeeping team that I use, one of several. One of 13 children, she told me she has no sympathy for illegals. She has been legal in this country for decades, owns property and her children are in college, one studying to be a lawyer. One of Carlos’s daughters is the secretary for our local St. Rita’s Catholic Church. The example of the American Dream. No taking a knee, no victims here.

Their elderly father has throat cancer. They take turns caring for him. He still drives. He loves Mexico. He’s having panic attacks, realizing his independence and self-reliance is slipping away. He lost his wife. My friend Carlos that helped me secure my properties lost his wife. Laurajia his sister, who runs the housekeeping team’s daughter-in-law in her 30’s, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I sponsored her – fundraisers. They don’t sit out a challenge. They meet it head on as a family and community. They are the best this country has to offer and they inspire me.

Member Post


Sometimes choices are binary. Irrespective of our desires we are given the choices A and B, and C-infinity are off the table. None of the above is not an available option. We decide not based on what is best but rather based on what is least bad. The cancer or the chemo. Consider the dual pronged […]

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The New Paul Ryan Budget Plan: A Brief Review


The annual House of Representatives budget resolution – you may know it as the “Ryan plan” or perhaps as the “Path to Prosperity” — has turned into a weird Washington phenomenon, one that combines analysis fiscal, political, and psychological. Do the numbers really add up? Will it hurt or help GOP election odds? Does it signal that Roman Catholic Paul Ryan or Randian Paul Ryan is the fellow running the budget committee? And, of course: does the budget suggest Ryan will run for president  2016?

Of those questions, I’m confident only in answering the first. (Alert: CNBC and MSNBC bookers. Ignore that last sentence. I am supremely confident in answering any and all possible questions about the Ryan budget, as well as the 2016 presidential race, the Russian annexation of Crimea, the Yellowstone earthquakes, and the new Captain America film. I also know a thing or two about nanotech.)