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The Moral Challenge


The election of 2016 provides a moral challenge. I think the responses reveal moral confusion.

I have been reading about how “morally compromised” I am alleged to be. This comes from the NeverTrump crowd.  I see it here at Ricochet, and I see it at National Review, and I see it from elected Republicans. I have been called “immoral” so many times that I am feeling cranky about it. I am writing this post to push back against the charge that I am immoral because I prefer Donald J. Trump over Hillary R. Clinton.

Single Mothers and Conservatism


shutterstock_209614678I would like to pose two questions to my follow Ricochet members: What should be the conservative answer be to unwed single mothers? How should the GOP/Conservatives support existing single mothers (to include widows, separated, divorced, unwed)?

I think we have a tendency to focus on the origins of the issue of single mothers — such as the rise of the welfare state and the sexual revolution — without addressing how we would support those single mothers that need help today. Social Conservatives are pro-life, pro-motherhood, and pro-marriage. However, the Left perpetuates the stereotype that Conservatives are not supportive of single mothers, and it works for them politically. In the 2012 presidential election 75% of single mothers voted for the Democratic ticket.

So what say you, Ricochet? Should we cede that portion of the electorate to the Democrats and to likely dependence on the state? I believe we can do better than that.

Member Post


[Preface: I started writing something in the discussion on James Poulos’s summoning post, “Who’s Failing America: the Elites or America?,” viz., my thoughts on what constitutes the great cleavages between liberals and conservatives. It got a bit, well, augmented, so I’m posting this to Member Feed. The steamy subtitle: “Why the moral-political is determinative of […]

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