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Atlas Shirks


Just a couple of quick thoughts about our nation’s infrastructure, and about what it takes to keep it healthy and robust.

It’s easy for Americans to believe that the human condition is one of relative security, comfort, and ease. That’s been the story of America during my lifetime, after all: since World War II we have enjoyed unprecedented prosperity and security. I grew up taking those things for granted, as did my own children.

Meanwhile, at Case Western


Since spring 2020, pro-life students at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) have tried to organize a chapter of Students for Life. Case Western is a university, a land of complimentary flavored condoms and helpful instructional pamphlets about proper masking procedures during sex, so the prospect of an anti-abortion organization receiving either official support or funding did not go over well. Not at all. After the student government approved the nascent group’s petition, the woke on campus complained, demanded a referendum, and voted the new pro-life club out of existence. Its members reorganized, renamed themselves Case for Life, and continued to seek recognition. To its partial credit, CWRU finally approved the group late this spring, albeit narrowly. And two weeks ago, irate student journalists took to the pages of The Observer, Case Western’s campus newspaper, to vent their spleens in a piece destined to become a classic in the annals of SJW-ist rhetoric. It begins:

Here we go again. The fight for reproductive rights and privacy happens consistently throughout the world, and it’s no different at Case Western Reserve University — even though institutions should not infringe upon people’s right to choose what to do with their bodies.

In the Face of Victim Privilege, Truth Outs Itself at the University of Minnesota


I don’t write all that many posts whose primary purpose is to link to another webpage and discuss, either in terms of stern outrage or drooling hagiography, what is being said elsewhere. (I suppose it’s because, in defiance of the old adage, I’d actually rather do my own copious and–I think–generally effective, barking.) On the rare occasions that I do link to such pages, it’s usually to celebrate good news (photographer in lockdown captures amazing photos of wild birds through kitchen window) or to have a robust belly-laugh at the antics of fools (Google “AOC” and start anywhere).

Once in a great while, though, one of the sites that I follow in a desultory fashion (no “push” notifications here), comes up with a gem that I think is worth sharing. Powerline threw up one such, just yesterday: Defund The Bastards.

It seems that a student at the University of Minnesota was stopped by university cops (so, not the actual Minnesota Police Department which, Lord knows, has had its own set of public relations disasters over the past few years), who were investigating an armed robbery on campus in the wee hours of February 1. The encounter with law enforcement was so horrific that this student felt compelled to tell his story on Instagram. Naturally, the brutality of the officers, and the suffering he experienced at their hands, plays a huge role in his recounting. A portion of his Instagram post follows:

Online Dating: Social Justice Warriors and Frozen Snowflakes


This seems like something that could be added to the conversation on social justice warriors. While browsing Hinge this evening, I came across this profile which took me aback, something that rarely happens anymore. This person’s response to a prompt about “what social cause I care about” was by far the craziest I’ve ever read on one of these sites. There is a theory that some people say far-fetched things to impress other people especially in blue cities like Chicago, but the sheer madness and breadth of what he invented here makes me think he was actually being quite concrete. Here’s his answer:

“Disabling the white, ableist, cis-hetero patriarchy by destroying capitalism, firing all cops, and guillotining the rich.”

Robby Soave, senior editor at Reason magazine, author of 2019’s Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump, and someone who is (just) over 30, (finally) joins Young Americans to discuss whether the political activism of young people today, especially on campus, is uniquely dangerous and poised to spill out into the culture as a whole. (Also, some LOST references sneak in.)

Saving Snowflakes May Save the Country


I know: some of you are rolling your eyes at the OP title, but believe it or not, it’s our patriotic duty to do what we can to transform the snowflakes into Samsons. Given our current economic situation, we have no choice.

Taking a national view, we are enjoying not only the lowest unemployment rate since December 1969, but we are short of workers : the number of job openings in March 2019 rose to 7.5 million (an increase of 346,000). Many seniors are retiring and returning to work , but those numbers are increasing slowly.

So now what? We could talk about immigration, but none of us wants to go there. I guess we’ve run out of resources unless we consider our snowflakes . . . er, graduates.

Winning through Ricochet – and Knowing What You’ve Lost


Ah, collagen. The most abundant protein in animals. Great for cooking into rich sauces – and glue (hence the name). It gives structure to mammals’ extracellular space. Your skin, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, mucous membranes, cartilage, bones, and teeth all depend on collagen for strength. When our collagen lets us down, we can expect trouble.

Several diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to scurvy, are connective-tissue diseases. Several attack our abundant collagen specifically. Sometimes, though, collagen weakens not because it’s under attack, but because it never formed right to begin with. Several genes have been identified as causing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), congenitally weakened cartilage, and several genes remain to be discovered. The worst types of EDS are super-weird, and super-scary. Your silly-putty skin could be so loose and stretchy that it’s obvious from birth you’d be a freak-show star, pulling your neck skin over your face for strangers’ amusement. Or maybe your joints dislocate so easily you’d join the circus as a contortionist, disarticulating yourself for cold, hard cash. Or maybe EDS causes your organs to explode, far less marketable but still super-scary. Many of us, if we’ve heard of EDS at all, have more reason to think “circus freak” than “subtle.”

Snowflakes and Anarchists


shutterstock_514962364All over the country, young and old citizens are hysterical, angry, and violent following the election of Donald Trump. Even the snowflakes at colleges, who abhor any idea that they disagree with, have joined the fray. Law enforcement is calling for assertive and pre-emptive action to stop anarchist gangs who have been roaming the streets and have been hired to foment disruption and violence. People are predicting attacks on minority groups such as Jews, Arabs, LGBTs, and blacks.

The country known as the United States of America has gone mad.

One is tempted to suggest ways to deal with these groups—the snowflakes and the anarchists—to reassure the first group and discourage the latter. Unfortunately the members of the second group are paid mercenaries and since no one has suggested a way to stop their funding sources, the violence will likely continue. We could try to throw them in jail, but someone will likely bail them out.

Member Post


We’ve seen a fair amount of virtue-signalling from the left this week. Some has come in the form of letters from parents to their children, posted for all to see on social media. Many of these urge the kids not to panic at the results of the election and remind them that they are still the […]

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