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The Dog Whisperette


Yes, I’ve been awarded this title by all my doggie friends, and I treasure the recognition greatly. Of course, I bribed them with dog biscuits first but, hey, what’s food among friends for?

So I thought I would introduce you to some of my favorite buddies, although not all of them. We live in a community of seniors who love their dogs. Unfortunately, most of the owners have no clue about how to walk, train and discipline a dog, but since they haven’t asked for my help, I keep my mouth shut. My buddies (the dogs, of course) prefer to get away with murder, so you know what they say: the doggie is always right!

So let me tell you who got me started on this photo album. First is Miss Attitude, also known as Addy. She thinks she’s the coolest dog in the neighborhood. I mean, do you know any other dog who has her own red-framed goggles and rides a bicycle? She and her owner go out regularly for walks and rides, and Addy rides point.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 10, 2017, it’s the Hollywood Hell edition of the podcast – number 101 – brought to you by ZipRecruiter and Simplisafe.

It’s hard to get past Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe slam of Donald Trump. That is one hurtin’ woman. Put Hollywood together with academia, Wall Street and Silicon Valley (just check this out!), shake, and try to strain out a single Trump supporter. Good luck!  Mike posits that Hollywood celebrities and university physicists have some salient points in common.