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If you’re not doing what you love, with people you love, you are wasting your time. Kelly Maher and Emily Zanotti have a lot of experience jumping into the deep end to pursue their passions and build lives they love—but can anyone do that? Forget the starving artist stereotypes (Emily is a WWII historian and Kelly is a farmer) and tuck into this uplifting episode.

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey  reveal their top tips for getting the most out of wedding trips—without breaking the bank.

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Mr. LaRoche has recently publicized the suggestion that men do not prize intelligence in women, which is a way of saying, men do not like to be second-guessed. (He’s got this really good joke that cuts to the essence: I’m not a dog, I don’t need to be fixed.–They really are different in Texas…) Having […]

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