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The New York-Based Slave Trade


One of history’s curious episodes was a rise in transatlantic slave trading based in the United States in 1850 that continued through 1863. It occurred despite the abolition of the slave trade by Great Britain in 1807. The United States followed in 1808, with a long decline in illegal slave trading by US ships between 1808 and 1850.

“The Last Slave Ships: New York and the End of the Middle Passage,” by John Harris, tells the story of this resurgence in the slave trade, including the reasons behind it.

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Finally, the perfect marriage between Crony Capitalists and the Che shirt wearing Neo-Socialists Utopians. Crony Capitalist-Tranny-Chamber of Commerce lobby wants rock bottom, cheap labor. The Marxist progressive Utopians want people to give up all freedoms and liberties. So, let’s give’m what they both want–a match made in heaven (or Hell). Let the Crony-ists buy Utopians! […]

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