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Book Review: ‘Strange Rites – New Religions for a Godless World’


Poll after poll demonstrates declines in religious observance in the United States today, especially in the Millennial age cohort. Some faiths and denominations are declining more quickly than others, with a few holding steady. Are people ceasing to believe any higher powers, or is something else at work? Tara Isabella Burton examines this issue in her new book, Strange Rites – New Religions for a Godless World, just out within the last week. Ms. Burton makes the argument that while adherence to traditionally recognized faiths (particularly Christianity) has declined precipitously, human beings still have a need to believe that the world is “enchanted” and human beings still need the community that shared rituals can offer. So even as adherence to particular faiths is declining, new religions are emerging to fill spiritual longings. Ms. Burton terms this the “Fourth Great Awakening.”

However, these new spiritual practices are at once radically different from anything that gone before, and yet radically American in their forms and ethos. They are also radically self-centered. Her basic thesis is this: the internet provides access to information on practically anything imaginable, and quickly connects like-minded people over any niche interest, allowing us to pick and choose our friends beyond the limited physical circles we have been limited to in the past, but this also allows us to concentrate ourselves, our interests, and our desires, creating a world of information and practice uniquely tuned to ourselves. In short, we can each pick and choose our own practices, rituals, and relationships, creating “remixed” faiths, and it is the “Remixed” whose worlds Ms. Burton illuminates.

This book is, in large part, about charlatans. It’s about capitalism and corporations and the new cutthroat Silicon Valley of spirituality. It’s about people who want to sell us meaning, brand our purpose, custom-product community, tailor-make rituals, and commodify our very humanity. It’s about how the Internet and consumer capitalism alike have produced experientially satiating substitutes – many, though not all of them, poor – for well-developed ethical, moral, and metaphysical systems. It’s about the denatured selfishness of self-care, and the way in which “call-out-culture,” at its worst, serves as the psychic methadone, providing us with a brief and illusory hit of moral belonging…

Lessons from an SJW Mob (or, Horror in Romancelandia)


Isolate the target. That’s the first rule of mobbing. But who knew it would result in so many targets?

My sister and I are writers. She’s romance, I’m mystery. We’re both members of Romance Writers of America (RWA). So, when a fairly big-name romance writer, Courtney Milan, was censured by RWA for cyberbullying, we got curious about what was going on. We got even more curious when Milan’s gang turned on the RWA board and got most to resign, ruined the reputation of the gay man who became president, and seems on the verge of taking down the 9,000+ member organization.

Faculty, Students Prioritize Skin Color, Gender in Hiring University President


A rabid pack of faculty and students at the University of South Carolina — a small minority, in non-STEM departments — derailed a $150K headhunter effort to find the new president in April when the search board presented a slate that had no women and one black man. Only one of the four had previous experience in the position, Lt Gen Caslen (Ret) who, until recently when he retired,was a beloved commandant of West Point, rated #1 public school in the country by two publications.

There are three camps: blacks want a black, women want a woman, and faculty want a fellow PhD. They all feared he would militarize the university, claimed his values weren’t the school’s, and denigrated his military experience, West Point leadership, his MBA, and his MS in Engineering. They said he wasn’t good enough. Seems genitalia and color are the real qualifications.  This despite the university claiming it doesn’t discriminate. The Trustees knuckled under and refused to vote for any of the four. An interim was chosen.

John Ringo and the Convention Conflict Controversy


I’m often accused of being a geek. It’s a fair cop. I’ve been reading science fiction books for over 40 years, ever since I learned to read. But I’ve never been the kind of geek that goes to conventions. I’ve been perfectly happy just reading the books. But then along came the internet and with it new chances to join the community of science fiction fans. So I started participating in some message boards and getting to know some of my favorite authors online.

As with any group of people, there’s a great number of different worldviews in science fiction fandom and sometimes that leads to conflicts. That’s nothing new but in the past few years the fights have been more public and more intense. Social Justice Warriors have, well, declared war on anyone not “woke” enough to bow to their left-wing demands. Two of the authors at the top of their enemies list are John Ringo and Larry Correia. Both are outspoken conservatives and prolific writers. But what really upsets the SJW types is that both of them are very, very successful.

The most recent kerfuffle started about a month ago and was covered in a post here on Ricochet by @dbroussa. That post states that John Ringo was disinvited from ConCarolinas, but that turns out not to be quite right. David Weber, another very successful and talented author, has been working with John and Jada Hope from the ConCarolinas convention committee (concom) to get the true story out there. What happened is that several SJW types tried to get John disinvited by spreading a false rumor about him, and in order to not cause problems for the convention, John voluntarily withdrew. That didn’t work out the way they intended. In retrospect, they probably should have pushed back instead of folding. ConCarolinas also made the mistake of not making it clear what had happened and left the impression that they were ok with what happened to John.

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Following up on my previous post about SJW’s interrupting Duke University’s President Price’s keynote to Duke Alumni weekend event is this story, from Reason blog: Now Duke’s administration is considering whether to discipline the students, whose behavior unquestionably violates university policy. That doesn’t sit well with them: Protest leader Gino Nuzzolillo accused administrators of aggravating […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see South Korea’s president say North Korea is ready to give up nukes with no conditions, but wonder whether this is yet another ruse from Pyongyang.  They also wonder why 175,000 Starbucks employees need racial sensitivity training because of a high-profile controversy at one franchise.  And Jim has the perfect charity in mind for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after tax returns show the mayor and his wife donated just $350 to charity in 2017.

Quote of the Day: Bullies


“When someone calls you a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe because you happen to disagree with them about tax policy or same-sex marriage or abortion, that’s bullying. When someone slanders you because you happen to disagree with them about global warming or the government shutdown, that’s bullying. When someone labels you a bad human being because they disagree with you, they are bullying you. They are attacking your character without justification. That’s nasty. In fact, it makes them nasty.” – Ben Shapiro

I am not sure who coined the expression “cry bully” conflating crybaby and bully. The term is an apt description for many of today’s Social Justice Warriors. It fits.

ESPN Pulls Announcer from UVa Football Game … Because His Name Is Robert Lee


The man shown to the left is sportscaster Robert Lee. The man to the right is Confederate General Robert E. Lee. ESPN was afraid that viewers would mix them up.

Mr. Lee (the one who didn’t die in 1870) was scheduled to announce next weekend’s University of Virginia football game against William and Mary. This match-up will be hosted in Charlottesville, which has a statue of Gen. Lee (who never provided NCAA play-by-play). ESPN decided that this was far too confusing for their viewers to process. So, in a move not to further inflame the neo-confederate armies sweeping this grand republic, the network benched their announcer.

From the sports blog Outkick the Coverage, which broke the story:

Jim Geraghty of National Review is back!  Today, after some sage insights on today’s solar eclipse, he and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud alumni and parents of college-age students for ending donations and sending their children to other schools after administrators there caved into the demands of social justice warriors in 2015.  They also get chills in learning just how close ISIS came to blowing up an international jetliner and have a newfound appreciation for the weight limits for luggage.  And they discuss the end of Steve Bannon’s time at the White House and what he means by saying the Trump presidency he worked for is effectively over.

Tennessee Drops Mic on California


Well it seems that California, while occupying their moral high ground of “bake the damn cake,” “that war hero statue offends us,” and transgender bathroom confusion, have decided to have their own travel ban on those of us who are less enlightened. California now refuses to fund state employee travel to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas because they are not fully in compliance and total agreement with the SJWs in the California government when it comes to LGBTQIAPK issues.

In response to California’s nonsense here is the resolution passed by the great state of Tennessee’s Senate:

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No, this is not the cover of the Haggadah my sister downloaded from the Internet for this year’s meal, but it is pretty. The “regular” one my sister normally uses dates from the early 1980s, and she thought she’d bring our Seder into the 21st Century this year. Now, my sister and her family are […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss yet another North Korean missile test, which appears to have been a major flop.  They also try to read between the lines of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson 23-word statement in response to the North Korean missile.  And they shred Pepsi’s horrible new web ad, apparently designed to appeal to social justice warriors, that ends up as a “Dagwood sandwich of bad” and actually infuriates the Black Lives Matter crowd.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss President Trump’s firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to defend his executive order.  They also groan as former President Obama injects himself into politics just 10 days after leaving office.  And they defend Tom Brady against the SJW sports media demanding Brady explain where he supports and opposes Trump.

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Ahmed Mohamed took apart a digital clock, shoved the bits and pieces into a pencilcase designed to look like a briefcase, brought it to school and became a hero, lionized at the White House and offered scholarships to places like MIT. Levi Frunk took apart a phone charger to see how it works, put it […]

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DNC panel actually doesn’t know whether men can have abortions?


The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Atlantic and Refinery29 hosted a panel discussion entitled “Young Women Rising: America’s Next Top Voter?” during the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday evening. Following a 30-minute conversation on “intersectionality” and millennial feminism, a reporter asked the panel for its thoughts on reproductive rights and women’s health issues for men who ascribe to a female gender identity. Ayanna Pressley, a Boston city councilor at-large, said the issue of men who identify as women getting abortions is all about “elevated consciousness.”

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“Think of all the great restaurants!” This is inevitably the first recourse whenever someone has to define the benefits of diversity. This argument always brings Philippians 3:19 to my mind, but even so it’s a point in favor. The logic of diversity is that people with different backgrounds bring different perspectives to the table, that […]

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It was my wife who introduced me to the Harry Potter series of books. At first, I expressed disinterest: I had too often seen the middling to sub-standard fare which pop culture promotes – and there was an abundance of hype over Harry Potter. Finally, one Christmas, my wife bought me the then complete set […]

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