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Fox News Commentator (and Ricochet alum) Mollie Hemingway took a break from the hectic pace of events to sit down with our own Dave Carter for a fairly comprehensive survey of the political and cultural landscape today.  The conversation ranges from Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris for his Vice Presidential candidate, to the media’s mischaracterization of the riots and carnage in major cities across the country.  Along the way, Mollie and Dave discuss the general reluctance of politicians and commentators to honestly address the “root causes” of much of the crime, death, and destruction that afflicts inner city life across the nation (their conclusions may surprise you). Dave laments the media’s apparent role as the public relations arm of the DNC, at which point Mollie takes a different view.  How different?  You’ll have to listen in for that one.

Then Dave talks with Ricochet Charter Member Duane Oyen, who has been with us since before this site launched.  Duane has some thoughts on the state of politics today, the Never Trump phenomenon, and various distinctions and divisions on the Right. “But when Duane weighs in on the things that unite us all,” writes Dave, “he sounds as wise as Solomon.” If you like discussions of policy, political philosophy, and a dose of history, this is the podcast for you. you.

More Shootings, More Divorces, More Single Parent Homes


What if we are looking at this incorrectly? What if the number of shootings per year in the last 70 years is X and that corresponds to an average population of 250 million people. Now, we have 350 million people and so we should expect that X to be correspondingly larger in raw numbers — everything else being the same.

Now, here’s my question: what if the actual phenomenon correlates better with, rather than the total population, the population of single-parent homes or homes with children of divorced parents?