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Simple Life


wedding ringsI am a monogamous married man.  I am not a romantic person, but I do love my wife dearly.  I enjoy a simple life with her.

I do not have an ex.  No ex-wife, no ex-in-laws, no alimony, no child support, no lawyer.  My wife is the mother of my children, which also simplifies their lives.  Our kids never had to keep a personal scheduler to know which home to go to after school.  They never had to do that blended family thing.

I don’t have any former friends who are now friends of an ex.  I never changed church because it was too uncomfortable to attend the church of my ex.

Saving The Spiritual Currency in Small Towns


My hometown — the place where I was born and raised — is thriving. When I was a kid, Bozeman, Montana, had a population of about twelve thousand residents, plus six thousand students attending Montana State University.

Over the past forty years, Bozeman has grown to 40,000 people, largely because high-tech businesses have found a home there. Montana State University is the state’s science and engineering school, so the technology companies have a ready source of well-trained nerdy types to fill the jobs. Many out-of-state techies have relocated to Bozeman, too, not just for the well-paid jobs, but because the surroundings are so breathtakingly beautiful. Bozeman is nestled between the majestic Bridger and Hyalite Mountains. The headwaters of the Missouri River, formed by three of the country’s best trout streams, The Madison, The Jefferson, and The Gallatin rivers, lie just 30 miles to the west. Yellowstone Park is 100 miles away as the highway flies (drivers do fly down Montana highways). In many ways, Bozeman is the perfect place to live, although the winters can be dreadful. The point is, my hometown is in great shape.