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The Masters of Disasters


So many euphemisms, so little time. Deep Blue cities are doing nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Decriminalizing drugs, and decriminalizing retail theft. See something, steal it!

Walmart closed its two Portland stores. Nike is closing its store in Portland and REI closed its Portland store. Nordstrom closed its Lloyd Center store. There are some in the media who try to hide the fact that retail theft and vandalism are not the problem. The same media that could not discern the difference between riots and peaceful protests.

He Was Shot 4 Times


From Second City Cop:

[…] I’m also still furious Lappe insinuated to [Officer X] he could come back light duty and sit at a desk. [Officer X] was shot a total of 4 times, twice in the head. He died twice that night. He has hearing aids in both ears. He lost an eye. And Lappe suggested [Officer X] come back to work in some capacity. It still makes me sick.

Extinction Rebellion Picked the Wrong Nation


Tribal land is not the place to do stupid things, liking blocking a highway. Tribal lands are a combination of a Sovereign Nations and Federal Districts.

You may be able to open carry in your state, but you better do some research before you open carry on the Rez. In fact you should make sure you can bring a firearm onto tribal land.

Enjoy Your Retirement, Lt. Jessica Taylor


Lt. Jessica Taylor has retired from the Seattle Police Department after 23 years of service. I hope that she remembers the good times, and I know that she will member the tough times that are a part of police work.

The City of Seattle government will have some difficulty replacing her. That is no accident, and it’s by design. It is not just Seattle that is losing officers that you want to keep. Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and the City of New York are losing competent officers.

Let’s Go, Brandon! No, Not That Brandon


altTextThe new Brandon is Brandon Johnson, the Mayor of Chicago. As Chicago touts their Green Zone eco-friendly building program there is a lead problem in Chicago. It’s not lead in the water, its lead flying through the air.

The Mayoral Green Zone poster can be purchased on the Hey Jackass website.

According to the Hey Jackass Shot Clock, up to this point in 2023, a person is shot every 2 hours and 51 minutes in the Windy City.

From the Police Blotter: ‘They Were in the Way’


“They were in the way so they got decked I meant to do it”

Arissa Robinson made this statement in 2021 to police officers that arrested her after kicking a baby stroller over containing a one-year-old. Ms. Robinson does not like Asians. She attacked the mother of child as well in Portland’s China Town.

Riding the Train Into the Void


After finishing a shift in Central Precinct, I was riding home on light rail with another police officer. We were not in uniform. There was a young man who was shouting expletives, and an elderly woman asked him to stop shouting and using foul language.

He closed the distance with the woman and started screaming at her. My fellow officer and I grabbed him, and we made him stand next to us at the door of the train and told him not to say another word. When the train reached the next station and the door opened, we told him this is your stop.

From the Police Blotter: Be Careful What You Ask For


Policing is difficult enough, but not so difficult that a police officer must take the time to be molded into the new socialist man.

I have no idea what the hell LGTBQIA2S+ means. The only acronym I used on the street on a regular basis was JFB (Just [expletive] Beautiful). An acronym that covered any number of incidents, and internal Bull[expletive]. JFB never appeared in any report I wrote.

Dumb and Dumber


Dumb is lowering the standards for police recruits. Dumber are the mayors and city councils that want to lower the standards to staff their police departments. Police departments that they have destroyed through defunding and defaming their officers.

From a Fox News story:

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Ballot Measure 114 is a draconian gun control measure that passed in the 2022 election cycle. Needless to say, it will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, nor prevent them from using firearms in a crime. Written statutes do not prevent crimes, if they did armed robberies, and murder would have ended eons ago. The […]

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From the Police Blotter: House Mouse Roars


What is a “House Mouse”? It’s time for a review of police jargon. There are phrases that you will never see on an Incident or Custody Report.

Police jargon is dependent upon geographical location. For example, “perp” is used on the East Coast, “subject” is used on the West Coast.

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Now don’t get me wrong, my wife and I lived in Queens, NY for about six months. We found it exciting at first, but the culture shock eventually caught up with us. Coming from the Pacific Northwest and seeing nothing but concrete and heads bobbing up and down on the sidewalks as far as the […]

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


You have a right to your own life. You are more than collateral damage to promote some advocacy group’s greater good.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need a law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm to stop a mass shooter in a mall. We don’t live in a perfect world. The shoppers at the Greenwald Mall needed a gunfighter, and they got what they needed.

The Biden Administration Illustrated


See the source imageThe dumbing down of the Oval Office with retreads from the Obama administration has been breathtaking. It has been eight months since the man from Fortress Delaware became President. The great unifier has been very busy. No more oil, gasoline, and natural gas must be produced in the United States. He’s begged OPEC to increase production.

Scolding us for not wearing masks as thousands upon thousands of the unmasked pour across the border, then are deposited in American cities in the middle of the night. So-called temporary inflation as prices for groceries are climbing. Paying people not to go back to work. The looming eviction problem. Now we have the Afghan debacle.

America is indeed back, or is it backward. It has been a very, very busy eight months.

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I’ve never understood the big desire for flying cars. Cars have been able to fly for a very long time. The car sitting in your driveway can fly. There are two problems with the flying car you already own. The first is the flight time is very short. The second is the landings are a […]

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Portland Police Officer Shooting


A Portland police officer, an 18 year veteran of police work, shot and killed a man that threatened him with a modified screwdriver.

There is of course some outrage, after all it’s Portland, coming from a city council member. Portland officers don’t wear bodycams because the Bureau doesn’t have the money to purchase them. Why is that, you might ask. Because their budget has been cut. There is, however, a short video from a nearby security camera.

From The Police Blotter: Angry Driver


A deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office received an earful of, dare we say it, racial abuse during a traffic stop. The deputy purchased his own body cam to protect himself during his working day. A good thing he did because he had no way of knowing that he would meet the Teacher of the Year. She was Black, and the deputy was Hispanic.

He stopped a woman for using her cell phone while driving. She started to rant as only a self-absorbed, entitled person can rant. I know that people don’t care for these traffic violations, but if it’s a sin for an officer to enforce them, he paid for that sin by having to deal with ‘Little Ms. Sunshine’.