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What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than by getting your first gun? Teri did just that — and she thinks her Sig Sauer is pretty cool. And Stacy is looking to break her family out of New Jersey for a vacation at an undisclosed location.

Also, Teri’s tweet goes viral, Bush 43 alumni go all in for Biden and schools are going to screw everything up this Fall.

Custom-designed by the Thousands


imageAnyone who’s ever had the pleasure of using custom-made goods knows their appeal. No mass-manufactured product can quite match the attention to detail, concern for the user, or feel that a master craftsman can impart into his wares. The catch is that — if you want something made just for you — expect to pay heavily for the requisite time, attention, and skill. That’s why most of the stuff we take for granted was only available to the fantastically wealthy before industrialization.

While no manufactured good can quite match the customization of the best craft-made goods, this Megan McArdle piece touches briefly on just how close we can get. Sure, mass-produced, one-size-fits-all kitchen design leads to some (seemingly) ridiculous and lamentable problems — such as counter tops and cabinets being made too high for the average woman to use efficiently — but it has also been hugely liberating. Not only does the average homemaker have basic amenities that would make her great-grandmother green with envy, those annoyingly standardized-but-relatively-cheap cabinets allow storage and use of (literally) innumerable combinations of appliances and equipment better designed for her family’s tastes and needs.

Since this is a conservative site where we can talk about a homemaker in gender-specific language, we can also talk about the handgun she carries when she runs errands. On that front, she not only has a plethora of options available between models but, increasingly, options within models.