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Shia LeBeouf: Padre Pio’s Latest Miracle


Padre Pio, also known as Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, was an extraordinary friar of the Capuchin Order who knew things he had no way to know. The only tougher confessor would have been Jesus Himself. People would fly halfway around the world to stand in line for hours to confess to Padre Pio. And he would tell them what they had not confessed, and be right.

Not fuzzy stuff, none of this cold reading vagary and leading questions. He went straight to the, you paid the babysitter three pesos to commit a sexual act stuff. He almost never left the monastery, but had notorious episodes of bilocation, appearing in two places at once, including an appearance before the pope where no one saw him enter or leave, but everyone saw him there. And there was the corrupt bishop covering for rapist priests (nothing is new under the sun) who commanded under obedience that he not leave his cell for many years. I am currently reading Fr. Gabrielle Amorth’s memoir of his mentor and friend.