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Today our Quote of the Day is the result of my stumbling upon a horrible feminist post on Reddit. As you know by now, I am the opposite of a feminist. It triggered me, and I was forced to take to my fainting couch. Haha no not really, because I’m a Conservative and I don’t […]

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On Being the Helmsman (Ricochet Sponsor Product Review)


So I decided to listen to the Conservatarians and @exjon mentioned that it was sponsored by Helmsman shave cream. Being a fan of old-school safety razor shaving, I picked up a couple tubes with the discount code (CONSERVE), and figured I’d support the site a bit.

I got the package quickly, and opened it to a handwritten letter and the tubes of shave cream. I was behind on shaving, so I cracked open a tube (after getting rid of the foil seal) and squeezed out a good amount onto a brush, and readied my old Superspeed razor. My impressions:

The Unofficial Sponsor Appreciation Post


The coupon code is....Or, let us now praise great products.

Disclaimer: No, Jon is not holding my kids hostage (this time), and Rob and Peter are not threatening to kick me out of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Cigar Bar and Quilting Bee. I just like nice things, and I like to talk about them.

I don’t offer my brand loyalty easy: The only things I cleave to (besides Harry’s razors) are Nissan trucks, Apple computers, Nikon cameras, and CZ pistols. Everything else is negotiable.