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When Giants Fall: What I Learned from the Ravi Zacharias Failure


Ravi Zacharias was a Christian apologist who died last year. Since he died, allegations of sexual misconduct emerged. The allegations were confirmed. What sets this story apart from the endless stream of fallen Christian leaders is what Mr. Zacharias meant to so many who found his words and ministry to be a lifeboat for faith heading for shipwreck.

People come into the church for many reasons. Some are born there and embrace the faith of their family. Others are stirred emotionally, feeling in a crisis experience the presence and healing of God. Others, like myself, was presented a gospel tract and prayed the prayer at the end. Still others came for the children’s programs, cool music, friends, and coffee and just decided to stay.

For many, however, a naive faith is not enough. Questions arise and one has to face the nagging question: Are the claims of Christianity really true? Not just true for me. Not just “my truth.” But really true as in historically true. As in rationally true. As in (what Francis Shaffer used to say) true Truth?