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I’ve fielded a few questions about the statement issued today from Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams, whom I consider a friend and an outstanding professional. Having served as Secretary of the Senate (1995-1997), I remember well the outstanding and very sensitive work of the Chief Counsel for Employment, and I will take to my […]

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It’s a coronavirus free episode! I mean, it’s mentioned but only in the context of other discussions. Grant was MIA for this episode, it was just the Three Amigos.

Joe Biden finally dealt directly with the sexual assault allegations made against him by Tara Reade. He appeared on Morning Joe and likely was not expecting such a tough interview. He didn’t look good, but it also wasn’t terrible and now the rest of the press can leave it alone.

President Trump: The Adult in the Room


Speaker Pelosi and her coterie stewed in their foiled plans to flee the country and gather anti-Trump anecdotes from far-flung Swamp patches — leftists burrowed into career State and Defense staffs. Meanwhile, President Trump stood before a portrait of President Washington, faced the American people, and delivered a reasonable legislative proposal in measured tones.

The president offered a three-year extension to 700,000 DACA recipients and to 300,000 persons in another category, who claim they need protection from a situation in their home country. He repeated his demand for $5.7 billion to erect an additional 230 miles steel slat barriers this year. In addition, he called for 2,750 new border agents and 75 additional immigration judges, while highlighting the shocking number of pending cases, now nearly 900,000. Trump pledged to hold a weekly meeting following passage of this legislation to reach a complete reform of our immigration system.

Trump repeatedly called the situation at our southern border, and in our interior, a crisis. Yet, he offered one more opportunity for the Article I institutions to take the lead, and legislate on a subject squarely within their enumerated powers. He neither used the word “emergency” nor threaten to declare a national emergency. He had earlier reiterated his authority to do so but showed a preference for encouraging Congress to Be Best.

Musings of a Third-Generation Wagon Circler


Writing here at Ricochet last week, @KateBraestrup expressed her opinion that “even without the sixfold imprimatur of the FBI, it would be virtually impossible to make a circle of wagons tight enough to conceal the kind of lurid behavior that Kavanaugh has been accused of.” She continued: “It’s not that it doesn’t exist; rather, when it exists, people know about it. Louche, lascivious or predatory men (alcoholic or otherwise) over time become well-known for being so.” While I’m relieved Kavanaugh has been confirmed, and I dreaded the precedent that would have been set if he had not have been, I can’t agree that men’s wagon circles are virtually never this tight. I know because I’m part of more than one man’s wagon circle, as was my mother, and her mother before her. Three generations of conservative American women, all three with little inclination to laugh off predatory behavior as just “boys being boys” — and all three with just as little inclination to name and shame men for having stories like those alleged about Kavanaugh in their past.

Men become notorious for sexual predation by persisting in it for long periods of time, especially if they become shameless about it. One reason we caution youth to postpone sex is because immature sexual misadventures are often exploitative. As Mark Regnerus has documented in his books Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying and Forbidden Fruit: Sex & Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers, boys usually find it considerably easier than girls do to self-servingly and callously rationalize their “conquests,” even when they’ve had the moral formation to know better. Thank God that boys who should know better and don’t often mature into men who know better and do! Thank God that not everyone who has committed a sexual wrong in his past persists in that sort of misbehavior.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast – number 187!!! – for August 16, 2018 it’s the Too Much Preying edition of the show with your holier-than-thou hosts Todd Feinburg, radio guy, and Mike Stopa, AI bot. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

This week we are back into sex. We love to talk about sex. That’s pretty much all we can do concerning sex is talk about it so we might as well enjoy it.

The Allegations Against Me Are True in a Zeitgeist Kind of Way


Frequent flyer David Deeble with his father.

I released on Friday a statement in response to a report published in the New York Times about a woman who stepped forward to discuss experiences with me in which I committed uninvited, unwanted grabbing of her luggage on my way out of Singapore airport. As a Progressive who fights for climate justice, net neutrality, and on behalf of the LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA community, this allegation pains me no end.

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According to the cover-your-eyes awful rape allegations in today’s New York Times, Russell Simmons, the founder of the wildly successful music and media behemoth Def Jam Records, has more in common with Harvey Weinstein than his status as an industry mogul.  Like Weinstein, Simmons is woke. Also like Weinstein, Simmons does not appear to be […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are very cautiously optimistic about tax reform getting done after the Senate Budget Committee approved the Senate bill and several of the likely holdouts now seem ready to pass it.  They’re also concerned following the latest North Korean missile test, which seems to indicate the communist regime could hit the U.S. mainland with a nuclear-armed ICBM.  And they react to NBC firing longtime “Today” host Matt Lauer over sexually inappropriate actions.

When Is “Sexual Assault” Not Sexual Assault?


Let’s look at two pictures side by side and see if we can tell how they’re different. In one panel, we see a famous TV political analyst who apparently had the charming habit of pressing his erect, if clothed, penis against the bodies of young women who worked with and for him. That was Mark Halperin.

In the second panel, we have former president George H. W. Bush, in a wheelchair, age 90, posing for a photo with a number of others, including his wife Barbara, and an actress called Heather Lind. Lind says she felt moved to share her trauma after seeing the benefit concert for Hurricane Harvey relief in which five former presidents participated. It seems that people are unaware of President Bush’s criminal record:

But when I got the chance to meet George H. W. Bush four years ago to promote a historical television show I was working on, he sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo.

Poppa Bush Exposed in Depraved Sex Scandal!


WW2 hero and former President of these United States George H.W. Bush is ensnared in a lurid controversy that has shaken the globe, along with a few heinies. Not one but two fair maidens have alleged that the wheelchair-bound 93-year-old tried to cop a feel during group photos.

No cigars, potted plants, or sunken Oldsmobiles were found at the crime scenes, but the similar descriptions show a patriarchal pattern of predatory pinching. When several women swarm the seated nonagenarian, he slowly reaches his hand around the damsel to his right and … well … it’s too disturbing for me to describe, so I’ll let the ace journalists at Deadspin take it from here.

Where Are the Fathers of Sexual Harassment Victims?


Over and over again for the past few weeks we’ve read stories of young women who were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and other men in power in Hollywood. The most recent is a decades-old incident involving Reese Witherspoon, who claims sexual assault in a hotel room at the age of 16 by an unnamed director. Let’s not gloss over the fact that a 16-year-old had absolutely no business going to a man’s hotel room by herself, whether it involved a job in Hollywood or not.

So far, the only man we’ve heard of defending his lady at the time of an incident is Brad Pitt. Good for him, but it makes me wonder where are the fathers, boyfriends, or husbands of these other women?

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Ke$ha (or as my sister calls her “Key-dollar-HA!”) seems to have been through a lot the past few years.  Whether or not you believe her accusations of sexual misconduct, you have to understand that many women do.  More importantly, many women have experienced it.  If statistics are to be believed, women have a 1 in […]

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Betsy DeVos Fights Back


It’s about time. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of the Department of Education, is pushing back on the shameful 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter that was sent to college campuses to intimidate them into misusing Title IX.

The principal objective of Title IX was to avoid the use of federal money to support sex discrimination in education programs and to provide individual citizens effective protection against those practices. In the case of sexual abuse on college campuses, particularly accusations of rape, the regulation has been poorly applied to possible victims and the accused alike. Secretary DeVos’s actions have been both praised and condemned.

The exploitation of this regulation was especially egregious during the Obama administration. The infamous “Dear Colleague” letter was designed to intimidate the colleges into compromising the adjudication of sexual assault cases:

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With all of this hubbub about sexual assault and Trump’s unkind and generally disgusting words, I feel like I have to chime in. Women everywhere are talking about their assaults. They are discussing something that does need to be discussed. They are adding to a conversation that needs to take place, but they are also […]

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Something alarming has been happening in Halifax. Over the last few years, there have been twelve reported sexual assaults by taxi drivers on women passengers; five of these assaults have taken place in the last three months. Not all of these cases have been solved, but in a few of the latest ones, three men […]

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Wesleyan: Proof That the Lunatics are Now in Charge of the Asylum


As you may have noticed, in desperation, Barack Obama and his minions are now beating another drum. There is, they shamelessly tell you, a crisis. It is a grave emergency. One in five young women on America’s campuses have been the object of a sexual assault.

It matters not that there is no evidence to support such a preposterous claim. It matters not that this would render our campuses far more dangerous for women than the worst and most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the land. Our President believes that the women of the United States are so gullible that they will fall for this nonsense, and who knows? He might be right. As the buttons worn by the harpies in attendance at the last Democratic National Convention asserted, “Sluts vote!” and let’s face it: in 2012, infuriated at the prospect that they might have to fork over $10 a month to pay for their own birth control pills, they did.

Tufts to Department of Education: “Finding Has No Basis in Law”


Be sure to read FIRE Vice President Robert Shibley’s excellent piece today at WGBH.com on the ongoing battle over how colleges and universities handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault. As I reported yesterday, the White House unveiled its first official task force report (PDF), to both acclaim and criticism. Overshadowed by the White House announcement, however, is the news that Tufts University is pushing back against its treatment by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. As Shibley explains:

One of the first questions many people ask on this issue is, “Why are colleges holding rape trials anyway?” Good question. They do so because they are required to under Title IX, the 1972 federal law banning sex discrimination in educational programs. But don’t bother looking at the text of Title IX, which makes no mention of rape hearings at all. The requirement instead comes from mountains of federal regulations and piecemeal statutes that hold colleges to standards that are nearly impossible to meet or even comprehend.

The White House Sexual Assault Report: The Words “Due Process” Never Appear


Three months after its creation, the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault issued its first report (PDF) this past Monday night. Titled “Not Alone,” and accompanied by a new website, NotAlone.gov, the report announces new recommended practices for colleges and universities nationwide. Unfortunately, the Task Force fails to answer—or even address—my organization’s, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)’s, grave and continuing concerns about campus civil liberties and the reliability, impartiality, and fundamental fairness of campus judicial proceedings for students accused of sexual harassment and assault.

Here is an excerpt from my official statement released yesterday: