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Where Is All of This Going?


Acting upon the suggestions I received from some of you regarding my daughter, I found myself placed in a new spiritual proximity to vibes and tensions and thought-patterns any sane person should want to avoid.

I am not a Catholic. That’s just a statement of fact, not an opinion. I only mention this for context because several of the suggestions were posited by those of the Catholic faith.

However, I am curious. When Pope John Paul II passed, it hit me quite hard. Who knew? I dove into learning about him, and by doing so, I learned things I hadn’t known about the Catholic Church. For the first time, I saw a grand intellectualism I’d never known about. And I also saw a fascinating and compelling mysticism.

Pelosi, DePape, and the Politics of Mental Illness


The news has come out that Paul Pelosi’s assailant DePape has admitted it was political. That he admitted he was indeed there to force Nancy to tell the truth. For most of the Twit-punditry, this has meant a spiked football for them. The Right’s narrative is destroyed! The Right encourages violence and they need to pay!

However comma…