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Our betters had better get a grip on their narrative. We have been assured that the science is settled. Wicked men have offended Mother Earth and she is getting hot under the collar. To deny this is heresy. Heretics must be cast out, silenced, deplatformed, unpersoned. We must unite to denounce and deny the deniers…at Newsweek!

Newsweek is certainly a member in good standing of the church of correct thinking. So how could it possibly be that they would blaspheme Anthropogenic Global Warming? Yet here is the evidence that they have transgressed [emphasis added]:


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I just heard on Glenn Beck this a.m. (yeah, I know!) that Al Gore thinks all climate change deniers should be punished. The science is settled, yada, yada, yada. Here’s a radical idea for him–stop flying that private jet to all the climate change conferences! Get a Piper Cub, already! Even if every person who […]

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