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Creating Your Own Eye in the Midst of the Hurricane


This morning I became extremely aware that when I thought about the news of the day, I felt trapped. Every topic that came up steered me back to some aspect of the abortion controversy. It’s no wonder that we are obsessed with such an important issue, but it also occurred to me that I wanted to have multiple opportunities every day to free myself from the maelstrom. In the demands of our everyday lives, we have earned the right to have moments of peace, reflection, and normalcy.

So I’ve decided to find ways to create those moments for myself.

The Beautiful Gardens of Kyoto


Asian culture, religions and countries have intrigued me for many years. In fact, I practiced Zen Buddhism for over 20 years and my husband grew bonsai plants. So as part of a trip abroad, primarily to visit our friends in Thailand, we decided to add a week for a trip to Kyoto, Japan.

Member Post


It was like being on a cloud. I was floating on the cool, green ocean along Carpinteria State Beach. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. The oak covered mountains loomed into the sky on the east. The dim outline of Santa Cruz Island was visible through the misty haze hovering off shore […]

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