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The Most Overlooked (Real) Abuse Area


I am an elder law attorney and have been practicing for more than two decades.  The evil I am seeing right now in this area is more than I have ever seen, and it will just get worse.  I am seeing adult children cut ties with their parents over money — big money or little money, it doesn’t matter — leaving senior parents to navigate old age alone.  I am seeing seniors that have been physically and sexually abused.  (One dementia client was whipped by her husband with a fly swatter, leaving huge whelps on her legs because he was frustrated with her behavior.  Another dementia client contracted a sexually transmitted infection because her husband is having sex with prostitutes then also molesting his bedridden wife.)

I am seeing massive stealing of assets from the senior generation — mostly by family. One grandchild was stealing from her grandmother to pay her boyfriend’s probation fees, restitution, and support his drug habit.  One senior came to my office directly from being discharged from the hospital because he was too scared to go home, where his stepson and wife were living, because the stepson threatened to kill him if he came back or if he called the police.  Senior abuse, whether it be financial, physical, or emotional, is  blowing up. But why?  Here are some of my ideas:

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome more help from Congress to help small businesses stay afloat. They also shudder at a new poll showing 75 percent of seniors don’t even want non-essential workers to be allowed outside.  And they discuss the significance of learning coronavirus was here and killing people earlier than we thought.

A Tribute to Earl


What does it mean to be a man? It occurred to me this morning that my friend Earl is the epitome of what we want in a man, what we should expect from a man, and I’m proud and honored that he is my friend.

I’ve written about Earl before on Ricochet. He is a tall, lean black man, a Progressive and one of the kindest and most self-reflective persons I know. He is also 86 years old, declining from a multitude of health conditions including early Alzheimer’s. He loves to discuss ideas and ask deep questions; I would often ask him what he thought the answers were to his questions, because I knew at some level he had his own heartfelt, often profound answers.

Member Post


Don’t misunderstand: I am not consumed with death or dying. In fact, I am in love with life and focus on my daily blessings. I’m also not talking about being alone at my deathbed, but rather about the possibility that I might be a widow one day. I am going to be 69 this year. […]

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