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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome more help from Congress to help small businesses stay afloat. They also shudder at a new poll showing 75 percent of seniors don’t even want non-essential workers to be allowed outside.  And they discuss the significance of learning coronavirus was here and killing people earlier than we thought.

A Tribute to Earl


What does it mean to be a man? It occurred to me this morning that my friend Earl is the epitome of what we want in a man, what we should expect from a man, and I’m proud and honored that he is my friend.

I’ve written about Earl before on Ricochet. He is a tall, lean black man, a Progressive and one of the kindest and most self-reflective persons I know. He is also 86 years old, declining from a multitude of health conditions including early Alzheimer’s. He loves to discuss ideas and ask deep questions; I would often ask him what he thought the answers were to his questions, because I knew at some level he had his own heartfelt, often profound answers.

Member Post


Don’t misunderstand: I am not consumed with death or dying. In fact, I am in love with life and focus on my daily blessings. I’m also not talking about being alone at my deathbed, but rather about the possibility that I might be a widow one day. I am going to be 69 this year. […]

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