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“Send Her Back!” – Speaking Truth to Power


I apologize for the corny title of this post, but it most succinctly gets the point across.

I also apologize for failing to take part in what must have been a dozen lively threads about Trump vs. The Squad. One point I haven’t heard anyone making is that Mrs. Omar is not a victim, abused and intimidated by evil Trump supporters. She is not the enslaved woman in the old drawing, her hands in the pose of the supplicant, asking, “Am I not a woman and a sister?” She is much higher than that and much lower. More exalted, and more despised. In a word, she is a politician. A member of the U.S. House of Representatives, who sits on three Congressional committees, and in a number of caucuses. It is probably safe to say that she has more power in the allegedly white supremacist United States than any of the individuals in that crowd, chanting for her to be sent back. Whether one agrees with the sentiment or not, the crowd was punching up; not down.