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Perception vs. Reality


Here’s a headline you probably weren’t expecting: “Most Expect GOP Victory In November”. It goes with this week’s poll by Associated Press-GfK, which included the following stats:

  • 55% of likely voters are now assuming Republicans will take over the Senate, an 8-point gain from September.
  • 25% of Democrats think it’s going to happen, a 7-point gain in the past month.
  • 47% of likely voters favor a Republican-controlled Congress versus 39% who want Democrats in charge. A month ago, it was an even divide.
  • 44% of women prefer Republicans, versus 42% for Democrats. A month ago, women favored Democrats by a 47%-40% edge.

It’s a reverse from the 2012 campaign, when most voters expected President Obama to win a second term and Mitt Romney’s supporters were more pessimistic than those on the Democratic side.

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Long-time lens-louse and New York Senator Chuck Shumer (D) –  as if the initial were necessary – is credited for inventing the Sunday press conference. The novel timing and rigorous format are master strokes of opportunism and media savvy, but also allow me to predict with great accuracy the timing and subject matter of these comedy gems. Preview Open

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The American Experiment with Self-Government Is Over. It Has Failed.


From Natalie Andrews at the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire:

While many lawmakers spent the summer break campaigning or with constituents, Senators Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) and Martin Heinrich (D., N.M.) spent a week stranded in Eru, a deserted island in the Marshall Islands, with nothing but their clothes and three items between them – and a TV crew. The senators paired up to create “Rival Survival” – a reality show set to air on Discover Channel about two political adversaries spending six days and six nights on a deserted island.

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Meet David Leyonhjelm. He is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party here in Australia (don’t worry, those words mean different things here), he is a new Senator in Australia’s parliament, and he is a full-blown, principle-driven libertarian. I never thought I’d see the day. The day came, in fact, through fluke. On a very long ballot […]

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Sen. Ted Cruz: Ricochet Fan


I’m wrapping up a week in Washington, D.C., where I attended an excellent Future of Media conference sponsored by the Franklin Center and the Heritage Foundation. Tuesday night featured the third annual Andrew Breitbart Awards, which honored citizen journalists and was keynoted by Greg Gutfeld (who killed it, of course). As Wednesday’s sessions wrapped up, the Republican National Committee offered about a dozen of us the chance to meet Sen. Ted Cruz in his office.

Even in this casual session, Sen. Cruz showcased his in-depth knowledge of myriad subjects. After 15 minutes or so his staff insisted he get to the Senate floor for a vote. Before leaving, I introduced myself and said I wrote for Ricochet.com. He praised the site, smiled broadly and said, “you wrote a parody about how I was a bully.”

Is Harry Reid All There?


At what point do Democrats admit that Harry Reid, well, isn’t all there?

The 74-year-old former boxer has often tossed around unsourced smears to gain a brief political advantage, but now one wonders if he took too many blows to the head. Reid’s current obsession with long-time libertarian donors Charles and David Koch is  downright nonsensical. He’s making increasingly bizarre allegations with little apparent benefit.