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A Republican Paradox


Mike Rounds, a US Senator from one of the big rectangular states in what the coastal elites call “flyover country,” went on former Bill Clinton advisor George Stephanoupoulos’s Sunday show and declared unequivocally, “The (2020) election was fair, as fair as we have seen.” Rounds claimed he had “looked at” claims of widespread irregularities in the 2020 election and didn’t find them credible. (By “looked into” I just assume he means he watched CNN dismiss all the many irregularities in the 2020 election as conspiracy theories.)  Rounds was later backed up by fellow Senate Republicans, including Senator “Pierre Delecto” of Utah. “Mike Rounds speaks truth knowing that our Republic depends upon it.”

All right, then, let’s take the Bush Republicans at their word that the 2020 elections were completely fine. That it didn’t matter that states run by Democrats changed election laws unilaterally and in many cases without going through the legislature. That these blue-state governors sent out millions of ballots (like junk mail) to every name on voter registration lists that had not been updated for 30 years or more; that Democratic Party activists were allowed to harvest these ballots and drop them by the thousands into unsecured drop boxes without any chain-of-custody documentation or even the most rudimentary verification. If they really think that’s the right way to run an election, then why do these same Republicans not support the Democrat “voting rights” bill that would codify these practices as the national election standard?

Media Musings: Mark This


How hard is this reporting stuff? Is it too much to ask people who are paid to publish to get basic reporting right? Could they perhaps take a moment to think through the logic of documents, on their face, before and after drafting a news or analysis piece? Not that I have any strong opinions on the subject, but pardon me while I rant a bit about a Federalist article and poor Senate Republican staff work.

The context is an excellent post by Scott Johnson at PowerLine “Dear AG Barr: Declassify This.” In that post, you will see a cover letter from Republican Senators to Attorney General Barr. This embedded copy is properly marked for it to be on an unclassified network. You may safely download a copy without imposing a serious burden on yourself and any network administrator. This is in marked contrast to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. And, briefly, The Federalist.

The Federalist crew originally cut and pasted or embedded the Senate document, compounding the error by Senate staffers. Now the Federalist has cleaned up its site, removing the embedded document. Good on them. Shame on the Senate staff, who have not corrected the error. What error? The cover letter is, by itself, unclassified and publicly releasable. However, it was the cover letter to a highly classified enclosure, made so by the level of classification asserted by the DOJ IG for four footnotes. Therefore, default classification for the cover letter is the same as the enclosure, same as the footnotes. Those classication markings go at the top and bottom of every page. The “unclassified” markings go inside, nearer to the body of the page.

Build “the Wall”


A section of the Wall near El Paso, TX, January 19, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

Real walls matter, so long as they are observed and backed by effective enforcement of boundary rules. This is true for the most modest private property and for the most powerful nation. We have seen several encouraging developments in American national sovereignty and regional security in the past week or so. These developments ranged from at least a temporary green light for border wall construction, to an important power in the hemisphere declaring Hezbollah a terrorist group.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi feeling the heat from members of her own party after Tuesday’s loss in Georgia, but they are excited to see her determined to keep her job despite being a drag on the party. They also express concern over the new Senate Republican health care bill, which Democrats were already protesting and has some Republicans on edge as well. And they speculate on President Trump admitting he knows of no tapes of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.