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The Cadaver Senate


In the year of our Lord 897, the moldering body of Pope Formosus was disinterred and brought to trial. The reasoning behind this macabre spectacle was truly Byzantine. The guy wearing the cool hat at the time, Pope Stephen VI, belonged to a different political faction than poor dead Formosus and apparently thought that this bizarre act would stifle the opposition. He may have also have wanted to take posthumous revenge on the ex-pope for previous slights. Formosus was duly excommunicated and what was left of him was dumped in the Tiber river.

In February 2021 C.E., the recently deceased presidency of Donald Trump will be exhumed and brought to trial before the U.S. Senate. The reasoning behind this absurd spectacle is truly Byzantine. The party in power in the Senate belongs to a different political faction than poor Orange Man Bad and apparently thinks this ridiculous act will stifle opposition. They may also want to take revenge on Trump saying mean things about them.

Now, I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I thought the whole point of the impeachment trial was to remove the person from office. In fact, once a person leaves office and becomes a private citizen, the Senate does not have any authority to conduct a trial. The Senate, after all, is not part of the Judicial branch. Separation of powers and all that. Hey, I have an idea! Let’s look at the actual Constitution:

Even Joe Manchin Can’t Resist the Left


As the Senators’ question time began last week, I offered a hopeful hypothetical, an imagined moment in which Senator Joe Manchin stood up for West Virginians and the party of FDR and JFK. I urged: “in the impeachment, it’s Joe Manchin’s time.” Sadly, we now know that even Sen. Joe Manchin no longer represents his state, whose citizens overwhelmingly support President Trump because he is actually for them.

Instead, Joe Manchin has called for a motion of censure, making a play to get four Republicans to join the Democrats against President Trump and his voters, a specious motion against normal presidential behavior of the sort these same senators condoned by inaction when it was President Obama. Sen. Manchin wrapped his surrender and service to the left in the false garment of “a moderate, centrist Democrat from West Virginia…” He showed no courage and spited the state that elected him more than once on promises of not being a tool of the bicoastal DNC governing elite.

If Sen. Lamar Alexander indulges Manchin’s gambit, it will be on behalf of big business and big agriculture in Tennessee, as they desperately fight to suppress American workers’ wages with an open spigot of cheap foreign labor and as their embrace of the radical secular social agenda is threatened by the first president since at least Reagan to actually deliver on the GOP social-conservative platform planks. Those planks are just supposed to keep the “Bible thumpers,” the rubes, in line at the ballot box, while substantial promise-keeping is only for defense contractor executives and big business.

Member Post


E. and I missed the House impeachment proceedings. We scouted every upscale marina on the Potomac but failed to locate a skiff large enough to accommodate the horde of Adam Shiftless’s secret witnesses. I vowed to do better for the Senate trial. I hired some former Blackwater guys to tail Fatty Nadler as he slow-waddled […]

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