Tag: Senate Confirmation Hearings.

Senate Confirmation Hearings: Let’s Get Rid Of ‘Em


Problem: judicial confirmation hearings have turned into a circus, especially when it’s a Republican president making the nomination.

Solution: let’s ditch the public hearing.

There’s no Constitutional requirement that the Senate hold a public hearing so that committee members can make nice clips for media consumption. The only reason why we have them is because Brandeis, who was Jewish, was nominated and it caused an outcry so he went to the hearing to reassure everyone he wasn’t that radical.

On This Rock, I Will Stand


I’m with Jim Geraghty on this one: The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a pretty darn good hill to die on.

If we who believe in the necessity of the presumption of innocence, due process, and the need for incontrovertible evidence win this fight, we will have done something important and lasting — pushing back powerfully against a hysteria that wants to weaponize accusations to destroy people regardless of their guilt or innocence. If we go down fighting, we’ll at least know we fought for what was right.