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Quote of the Day: Am I Doing Enough?


Many years ago, I was talking to the fellow who taught me to meditate. I mentioned that I was afraid that I was not doing enough to serve G-d. Or…I was afraid that G-d had wanted me to do or be something that I was not doing/being. He asked me the following question: “What if you were sent here to help one person and you have already done that?” —Wayne McKibbin

 Many of us, religious or not, question ourselves and our role in the world: are we doing enough? Is what we’re doing meaningful or helpful? Whether we’re overachievers or committed to making a difference in the world, or if we just want to be a good parent, spouse, or friend, these questions come up.

I love the question that Wayne McKibbin asked my friend. The point was not whether her work on this earth had already been completed, but rather that it’s difficult to be certain what we are meant to do, how we can best do it, when we should spend the time (or not) to help another person or group of people, and if we have struck the right balance in contributing to life.