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Not You


For weeks we’ve listened to the media, political broadcasters, and government employees talk about our lives as if we have nothing to say about them. They think their jobs include telling us how we are to live. I’m 70, so they’re telling me I’m especially vulnerable and need to be coddled. But after reading a post by @oldbathos, as well as the latest Imprimis, I realized that unless I am certifiably insane (who knows?), I’m the one who should get to decide the value and the actions of my own life.

Not you.

The last 70 years we’ve learned how helpless and dependent on government we all are. And many people have caved into this myth, trying to drag many of us along with them. The government, with their graphs and statistics, are telling us that they will save us from ourselves. We can’t possibly know how to behave, how to take care of ourselves in these frightening times. We are not the experts; they are.

Let’s Talk about Self-Determination and Federalism


I once worked for a holding company of three grocery store chains that were supposed to serve distinct customer segments. But customers of the full-service grocery store were complaining of low-quality products and poor service. Customers of the discount supermarket were complaining of exorbitant prices and products that were too upscale. And customers of the hypermarket were complaining that it had become a confusing blend of the other two chains. Inadvertently, centralization of back-office functions had caused the chains to lose their distinct identities. The resulting nondescript offering pleased no one.

Today the United States has a problem similar to that of my former employer: When it comes to government, people want blue or red; nondescript purple pleases no one.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on the US to push Kiev into giving up its military campaign against pro-Russia rebels in the east and negotiate a political compromise, as an influx of support for the rebels from Russia began reversing Ukrainian gains on the battlefield. “It’s imperative to moderate the ‘party of war’ in […]

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