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We Are Supposed to Be Armed


Over the last hundred or so years we have been step-by-step robbed of two of the most important elements essential to retaining our heritage, the American Character which produced it and the liberty that they both are grounded in.

One of these is a sense of true history. The other is the ability to reason objectively. Both are failures in education and in applying these elements to our daily lives. Nothing illustrates this more than almost constant national “discussion” on gun control and the Second Amendment.


Weapons of a War That Was Too Close to Home


After a senseless tragedy like what happened in Sutherland Springs last week, the gun-control crowd will inevitably complain about the “weapons of war” on the streets of America; by that, they mean the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. This is a silly, silly argument because almost every gun in existence, from the handgonnes of the 14th century to Kentucky long rifles to Samuel Colt’s revolver to today’s AR-15, was first used on the battlefield. For centuries, the general populace has used these guns for the same reasons that soldiers use them: to defend lives and protect what is near and dear to them.

My father-in-law was one of those men. He served in the Army in World War II, then worked for the Forest Service in the Tonto Basin of Arizona until he retired 40 years later.


When It Comes To Gun Laws: Constructive Engagement or “No Quarter?”


Terrific conversation in the podcast today with Cam Edwards of NRATV. Along with Charles C. W. Cooke (of Mad Dogs and Englishmen), two of the best people to talk to about gun issues and the Second Amendment, in part because he acknowledges the legitimacy of some of the concerns gun control advocates have.

One key area where I disagree with these two (and remember–they are much smarter than me) is on the question of Second Amendment politics. They both reject the idea that, as Cooke put it recently, “it’s up to gun rights supporters to come up with gun control laws. The burden is not on us. It’s on those who support gun control.”


Another horrific mass shooting, and again the shooter’s weapon was completely legal. What does this mean for the gun control debate? We ask Jazz Shaw of HotAir.com.

GOP poll numbers are down but Republican Ed Gillespie is in a neck-and-neck race in the purple state of Virginia. David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner has the latest numbers and analysis.


What to Look for in a Firearms Trainer


I constantly see signs by freeway exit ramps advertising concealed carry permit classes for ridiculously low prices. While I completely understand how money (or the lack thereof) can affect buying decisions, when you’re choosing a firearms instructor, you are choosing someone to teach you how to potentially save your life and the lives of those close to you. So, choosing the cheapest one available makes as much sense as choosing the cheapest skydiving instructor.

The minimum amount of training needed to teach concealed carry in many states is instructor certifications in NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home. This is the bare minimum, though, and a good instructor will have many, many more hours of classes beyond this. Aside from this minimum, what else should you look for in a good firearms trainer?


Gun Rights Roundup


As you might expect, there have been an enormous amount of things said and written in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting. While the usual suspects have made emotional appeals for gun control and crowned a late night comedian the “conscience of America” (both right out of the gun-control playbook for these incidents), there has been a significant amount of clue dispensed about the efforts to preserve and expand our innate right to armed self-defense.

What’s been interesting to watch is how the NRA’s request to have the ATF take another look at the bump fire devices has let out all the air in the gun control bubble. The ginned-up outrage over Wayne LaPierre’s “good guy with a gun” remarks after Sandy Hook lasted for weeks but now, because of the NRA’s pre-emptive move and the lecherous actions of a big-time Hollywood producer and Democrat donor, the news cycle is moving away from gun control on to other things.


Breaking News: Political Organization Makes a Decision Based on Politics


Some of my friends are very, very upset at the NRA for this announcement, and I can see their point. What’s the use of giving money to an organization to help secure our right to keep and bear arms if said organization caves in quickly and throws a relatively innocuous rifle part under the bus?

I can understand that, but here are a few other points to consider:


Is Supporting the Second Amendment Morally Equal to Supporting Slavery?


I invited Cam Edwards of NRA TV to the podcast today to talk about the current debate over gun rights and the relative strength of the NRA. Several commentators have suggested that the NRA’s political standing has been weakened by the reaction to the Las Vegas shooting, though it’s too early to get any reliable data.

But when it comes to the goals of the Left on gun control “gun safety,” the data is clear: They want to kill the Second Amendment.


Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America actually welcome the increasing chatter from the left and from the op-ed pages for Democrats to embrace full repeal of the Second Amendment as a way of drawing clear lines in the gun debate. They also wince as three top Trump cabinet officials reportedly agree to a so-called “suicide pact,” meaning all three will leave office if President Trump fires one of them. And they slam Michelle Obama for another round of horrible statements, this time claiming people don’t trust politics because Republicans are supposedly all men and all white.


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The day after America’s worst mass shooting, we hear stories of heroism and, unfortunately, the same old politics.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, anti-gun Democrats go cleats high with partisan rhetoric against Republicans and the NRA with “blood on your hands” attacks against the GOP. At least one congressman is going to boycott any “moment of silence” for the victim.


Today’s podcast is dominated by the news of a horrifying massacre in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay hotel. The shooting, the worst in American history, brings a new level of violence. But, alas, it sparks the same, old partisan debates and finger-pointing over guns and the Second Amendment.

Also on the podcast:


7 Things WaPo Got Wrong About the 6 Things the NRA Will Hate in New Survey


Six, no, SEVEN thingsThe Washington Post tries hard, (very, very hard) to come up with six things that they think the NRA won’t like about a recent Pew survey on guns. In fact, they tried so hard to come up with six things, they list out seven reasons in the article.*

  1. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are not members of the NRA
  2. Nearly 3 in 10 gun owners say the NRA has too much influence over gun laws in
  3. Some key NRA policies have little support among gun owners.
  4. Many gun owners want stricter gun laws.
  5. A quarter of gun owners say guns are very important to their personal identity.
  6. Americans say gun violence is shockingly common.
  7. Gun owners are three times as likely to have been shot as non-gun-owners.



Choosing Your First Firearms Training Class


nra-basic-pistol-safety-class-1If you’re one of the millions of people who recently purchased a firearm for the first time, congratulations and welcome to the ranks of American gun owners. Like the majority of modern gun owners, you probably bought a gun because you were concerned about self-defense or want to enjoy the shooting sports in some way. Buying a firearm for self-protection is one of the most adult things you can do, because it means you’ve realized that law enforcement personnel are not “first responders,” they’re actually second responders. The first responder to a crime scene is, and always will be, the victim of the crime itself.

If you are the victim of a violent crime, you will not receive a flash of inspiration from on high about the best way to use your gun to prevent injury or death. In order to save your life and possibly the lives of others around you, you’ll have to rely on your instincts and the training you’ve already received.


Why Aren’t More Conservative Leaders Embracing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?


Nelson Lund has a thought-provoking piece at the Daily Signal on how the individual right to keep and bear arms is an integral part of our Constitution, and he as a companion piece that calls out conservative commentators by name for their statements in favor of gun control.

Why are some leaders of the conservative movement so hesitant to acknowledge the reality of today’s gun owners? We’re not rural hicks with our shotguns and deer rifles: We’re urban professionals who like to go target shooting and carry a pistol for self defense. We’re of all races, creeds and colors, and the number of women inside our ranks is growing every day. The one thing that unites us is our commitment to keeping ourselves and our families alive, no matter what may happen around us.