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Would You Vote For Independence For Your State?


Yesterday, Peter asked how we all would vote on independence for Scotland, but I have a question for you: if you could be certain it wouldn’t cause a war, would you vote for independence for your state?

Now, I realize that the question is very different from Peter’s — Scotland having a very long and very different history from England, different people, different language, different culture — but I think it’s still relevant.

Aye or Nae, Smaller Nations on the Rise


Today’s vote in Scotland, no matter the result, continues the trend of smaller and smaller nations. Scotland raises the question of how big a state should be. We are living through a period of the collapse of large nations into smaller, more homogenous, parts. There were 74 independent states at the end of World War II. There are about 195 today. Nation-states could be broken up into even smaller and smaller pieces, even into city-states like the ancient Greek world or Renaissance Italy.

Where does it end? Not now.

If the Scots Secede, Who’s Next?


In yesterday’s New York Times, Scottish actor Alan Cumming, argued in favor of an independent Scotland as follows:

This is not about hating the English. It is about democracy and self-determination. Scotland is weary of being ruled by governments it did not vote for.

This week on Law Talk, professors Yoo and Epstein (presided over by Troy Senik) banter about Wisconsin’s collective bargaining law being overturned, the future of public-sector workers, and the Posner-Scalia feud. Then they wrap it all up by refereeing a Member Feed fight on the constitutionality of secession.