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Seattle Mayor Durkan’s ‘Summer of Love’


What happens when a negligent mayor leaves rioters in charge of six blocks of prime urban real estate? Maybe she’s unwilling to protect the citizens of Seattle from the lawless rape and robbery on full display in the CHAZ and jamming her 911 lines, but the Blaze is coming to the defense of the LGBT Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Civil liberties? Forget about it. Free speech? BLM is really weak on the concept. The adventure of one preacher is telling. From the Blaze:

One activist in the CHAZ threatened the protester. In the video, a man wearing a red bandanna on his face can be heard telling the preacher, “You’ll die out here bro. Do you wanna die out here?” The preacher responded, “Sin is worse than death.”

The Future of Our Cities


Buildings on Hamilton Avenue, Detroit.

In 1968, in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King, a great many American cities were engulfed by riots. In one such city – Detroit – the mayor, a well-meaning liberal Democrat named Jerome Cavanaugh, made a fateful decision to rein in the police and let the riot burn itself out. To his judgment, the state’s governor – George Romney – deferred, and the riots went on for five full days. “Burn, baby, burn,” they said. And burn it did.

Eighteen years before, Detroit had been the richest city in the United States – with a per capita income exceeding that in every other urban area in the country. By 1968, it was no longer so well situated. But it was prosperous. It was vibrant. The architecture was stunning; the churches, beautiful; the picture palaces, a wonder.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Louisville’s decision to end no-knock warrants. They also hammer Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for claiming nothing is really different in Seattle, despite the creation of CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, where police are not allowed in and reports of violent crime are on the rise. And they welcome the news that the Lake of the Ozarks pool party and symptomatic hair stylists have not led to outbreaks of COVID-19. They also embark on fun tangents about “Law & Order” and the 2020 convention season.

On the BLM-Antifa Nation, Seattle


Christopher Rufo just published an excellent piece in City Paper on the failed city of Seattle’s capitulation to a thousand rioting thugs in Capitol Hill. For a little background, I will refer you to the tourism page for Capitol Hill here. The title is “The vibrant center of Seattle’s LGBTQ community offers endless entertainment, morning till night.” and, naturally, pushes the vacation destination angle with overpriced food, overpriced shops, and overpriced lodging situated in a dank and rainy climate.

By this point, I doubt many tourists were caught in the occupation. Only fools would be vacationing in Blue cities at this point. Rufo sets the stage for us:

Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper blame his ethics problems on “dark money” Republicans after an independent commission found him guilty of improperly accepting gifts while in office. But will it really damage his bid for U.S. Senate? They also shake their heads as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee pretends not to know a group of radicals is claiming several square blocks in Seattle as ” an “autonomous state” that is separate from the United States. And as the cancel culture claims the TV shows “COPS” and “Live: PD,” they fire back at the unhinged push against the Nickelodeon cartoon “Paw Patrol.”

Dispatch from the War Zone of Seattle


This Fox News Web Site story today is just priceless.  The Mayor,a white, homosexual, female Jenny Durkan, has been “demanded” to resign by avowed Socialist City Council-creature Kshama Sawant.  Yeah, as if Durkan takes orders from the Clowncil!  Sawant let demonstrators into City Hall because in her view it “belongs to the people”.

“Protesters” Storm City Hall!  Those same protesters took over the Seattle East Precinct, making a 6-block “police-free zone”.

Dispatch from the People’s Republic of Seattle


The City of Seattle Police Department has been under a “Consent Decree” by the federal government since the Obama Administration. Seattle’s Finest have had a government minder looking over their shoulders for years, just watching for them to make a “wrong move,” daring them to use “excessive force” when dealing with civilians who take video of every traffic stop, jeer, and sometimes assault them.

Recently, the Seattle City Attorney had moved to finally end that decree, deeming the Department improved enough to ditch the minders. Due to the 14,000 complaints received in the last few days from “peaceful demonstrators” about unlawful police conduct, the Seattle City Attorney has just rescinded that motion to withdraw the consent decree. It just so happens that the Mayor of Seattle, former US Attorney Jenny Durkan, happened to shepherd that consent decree when it was issued in 2012.

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Field Hospital at CenturyLink Event Center to be redeployed to a state in more need. The Army National Guard in Seattle spent a full week erecting the field hospital, containing 250 patient beds, ICU, ER, and Pharmacy. Not one patient was admitted to this hospital. It is now going to be torn down and moved. […]

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Seattle War Zone: Dori Monson Nails It


In the past few days, there have been multiple shootings in downtown Seattle. Ordinary citizens are wondering if they should be going there at all, and are expressing their opinions publicly. Local businesses are appealing to city government to improve conditions in their neighborhoods, so they are not confronted with drug deals, gang shootings, and homeless people in their doorways on a daily basis.

Dori Monson, a host on KIRO Radio, has published an excellent article on the local site MyNorthwest.com. He attributes many of Seattle’s problems to the city’s elected officials, many of whom are politically-correct 1960s radicals who now hold the power. City police, distrusted by many, seem powerless to stop the rampant crime and drug dealing. Criminals with multiple felony convictions are released onto the streets to continue their mayhem. Respected local businesses, like Bartell Drugs and Barnes and Noble Booksellers are closing shop, leaving empty storefronts behind.

But the Citizens of Seattle elect their Government. Too bad they get what they elect.

WA Legislator Wants to Give Seattle What It Asks For


If you follow the Northwest news at all, you will be familiar with the story of the environmentalists behind the drive to remove dams on the Snake River to improve the habitat for endangered salmon. Nevermind that removal of those dams would also result in the loss of many megawatts of clean, carbon-free energy production for eastern Washington, and add thousands of trucks and rail cars to carry all the cargo that was previously carried on the river. Local agricultural and utility interests in eastern Washington have spoken with alarm about this proposal. Some economists have also come out against it, demonstrating that dam removal would have negative consequences for the entire region, even absent the enormous costs for removing the dams.

Now, a State Senator has proposed a bill in the legislature in Olympia, to essentially give the citizens of Seattle (who are so numerous and so Leftist that they essentially run the State) the kind of project that they are asking the citizens of the other half of the state to accept. Senate Bill 6380 would launch a study of breaching the Ballard Locks and removing the Seattle City Light Dams, to restore Seattle waterways to their pristine condition. It would also restore Lake Washington to its original condition, and remove Ravenna Creek from its sewer pipe back to the surface.

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The title of this morning’s story is “Enough with the Pooping and Peeing, says Downtown Seattle Business.” Beware of the video at the link with uncomfortable content; it was posted on the KOMO-Seattle Web site, so they considered it OK for the average viewer. The homeless and others in downtown Seattle seem to have lost […]

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News from the Formerly-Livable City of Seattle


Once again, the powers that be in Seattle have demonstrated their ability, through their elected governments, to make Seattle a place that people want to leave (well, at least people who are not Social Justice Warriors or socialists).  Today, the Seattle City Council has passed a new ordinance, adding a fee on Uber and Lyft, to “help with Housing and Transit”.  Just like the many new taxes (sales tax, property tax, car-tab tax) we drivers pay to build the Sound Transit Light Rail boondoggle, riders hailing rides from Uber and Lyft will now be paying for modes of transportation that they may not choose!  Uber and Lyft passengers will now be paying an extra $0.51 per ride.  They are calling it “Fare Share!”  Just one more burden on Seattleites.

Next, King County Executive Dow Constantine is doubling down on the Sanctuary County policy, which prevents county officials from coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement when Illegal Aliens who commit crimes are jailed or released in the County.  There have been at least three instances lately where Illegal Aliens formerly in county custody have committed crimes, including murder.  As always, the City and County demonstrate that they support those who are in the country illegally, including murderers, more than they support the Taxpayers who pay their salaries and might just prefer safe streets to harboring criminals.

Dispatch from the War Zone in Seattle


On my favorite KOMO Web site today, there is a sad story about a King County worker assaulted, right outside the King County Courthouse in (used-to-be) beautiful Downtown Seattle.  This is so disgusting that I am going to copy some of that story for you here.  This is what the City of Seattle and County of King have become. Please do follow the link and read the whole story.

In September, Kara was assaulted just outside the King County Courthouse after leaving work to head to the train.

The Story That Disappeared


Yesterday, in the middle of a very busy day, on a break, I noticed a story on the KOMO Seattle Web site with a title somewhat like this:

King County Council Member considers Leaving Seattle Over Crime Issues

Good polls, confusing polls and politicizing math are the focus of our martinis on Wednesday.  Jim and Greg are glad to see Republican U.S. Senate challenger John James already in a virtual dead heat with Democratic Sen. Gary Peters in Michigan.  They also shake their heads as a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows a majority of Americans support Medicare for All but oppose it by large margins when they actually understand it means the end of private insurance.  And they throw up their hands as school officials in Seattle consider adding an emphasis on ethnic studies into all subjects, including taking time in math class to explain how math is oppressive to people of color and is used to exploit natural resources.

New Dispatch from the People’s Republic of Seattle


News today about a Seattle institution abandoning its downtown Seattle location over “crime concerns.” Bartell Drug has been a local institution for over 100 years; it is closing its downtown store because it can no longer afford to stay open. It will pay rent on its location even after the store closes. Street people are wreaking havoc with the central city. The Third Avenue location is in an especially fraught area, with near continual reports of assaults and property damage. And this is kitty-corner to Benaroya Hall, the home of the Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Chamber Music Festival.

Then, another story of a burglary gone wrong just a few blocks away from the doomed Bartell’s. This would be funny if it weren’t so ugly.

The City of Seattle Confirms That It Is Lawless


Through a number of citywide policies, the fast-growing city of Seattle has decided that, because more people “of color” than whites skip out on library fines, ride the Metro buses without paying, live in tents on the streets, commit property crimes, and use and deal drugs out in the open, that those crimes and misbehaviors will no longer be punished.

This article on the Fox News Web site details how Seattle no longer enforces its laws, and everyone suffers. This is pathetic.

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Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.  I found this article on the KOMO News Web site today.  It appears that the city is well aware of the illegal camp, whose “residents” have been stealing power from the fitness store, and discarding their needles and trash on the streets around the area.  The City […]

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