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Where Weather and the Sea Intersect


Elliot Rappaport is a ship’s captain, one of the few 21st-century professional sailing ship captains. He has commanded Corwith Creamer and Robert C. Seamans, ships that serve simultaneously as oceanographic research and sail training vessels. A lifetime at sea has led him to develop a fascination with weather.

“Reading the Glass: A Captain’s View of Weather, Water, and Life on Ships,” by Elliot Rappaport, explores that fascination. He draws upon 30 years’ experience at sea to share everything he learned about weather. While it is about seafaring, sailing tall ships in modern times, it is also a look at and inside the science of meteorology and the world of meteorologists.

The book is a sea adventure. Rappaport takes readers with him on voyages to distant reaches of the world. He takes trips to Greenland, the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, and the waters around New Zealand and Australia. He reveals the two most important members of every crew on a long sea voyage are the engineer and the cook.