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I’m one of those keep browser tabs open forever people, believing that I’ll eventually read that article, watch that video, or look up that band or song. The tab for this interview has been open (restoring my previous tabs whenever I restart my laptop) since April, and I finally watched this video today. This interview, […]

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​City Journal associate editor Matthew Hennessey and contributing editor John Tierney discuss the politicization of science and how the Left’s dominance in universities and the scientific community actually threatens progress.

Read John Tierney’s article from the Autumn 2016 Issue of City Journal, The Real War on Science.

Econometrics and the Human Spirit


“Thank you, but I reject the premise of this experiment.”

Here’s an EconTalk podcast you’re going to get a kick out of (or is it, “out of which you will get a kick”?). The discussion is about systemic problems with econometric studies and — by extension — studies in general. One of the examples the guest cites is a study done by the Department of Education on Head Start. The study misleadingly showed no benefit to the program. The problem wasn’t bias on the part of the researchers, but rather that human beings make poor lab rats.