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School Lunches


We are always told how important school lunch (and now breakfast) programs are for our communities; nevermind all of the churches, food banks, and other government programs out there to help the poor. We are supposed to believe that poor parents won’t feed their kids so schools need to do it for them. A few years ago New York City kept schools open during a blizzard because kids “don’t get a hot lunch and, in many cases breakfast, unless they go to school.

Now we have a situation where schools are closed and students are engaged in remote learning from home. School lunches are handed out from the school parking lot now in my town.

Government Solutions: ‘Redesigning the Tray’


19kdtn-lunches-blog480When America’s (least) favorite busybody decided to mess with school lunch programs, the result was predictable. Kids have been opting out in record numbers, with more than 1 million school children no longer buying school lunches since new standards went into effect.

The new standards were typical government coercion, providing more federal money to schools that complied with the new rules. Compliance, however, let to weird food combinations, more food being thrown away, and the “Hunger-Free Kids” Act turns out to be just another Orwellian-named government program, which actually leaves kids hungry.

What will satisfy a sedentary teenager won’t do it for a football player. Active kids will need more calories, more healthy fats, and more energy. Calorie-cutting food options simply won’t work for everyone. Athletes aside, some kids don’t need to be on low-fat anything; they burn food up like crazy. Others may struggle with weight. Government is (once again) quick to forget that individuals have different needs depending upon lifestyle, metabolism, genetics, and more. We’re not robots; we’re people. And as a result, we are all different.

Petitioning the Sovereign


I confess I haven’t really been following the whole Michelle Obama school lunch thing. I get the gist: The First Lady has the USDA revise the standards to make them healthier, but the new guidelines are unrealistic, so kids don’t eat the food (with all the attendant behavioral consequences), and schools complain. I figured that eventually reality will win out over this instance of leftist dogmatism, so why bother paying attention?

Today though, Bridget Johnson at PJ Media had an article that made me do a double-take. The background: Congress is working on a bill to give school districts more flexibility, and Mrs. Obama doesn’t like it. (Again, nothing really surprising here; call me when the USDA loses this fight to the 5th graders.) Mrs. Obama explained her motivation:

Michelle Obama… said at a roundtable yesterday with school leaders and nutrition experts that “so many kids write me every day” about the “health crisis in this country.”