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Ron DeSantis Fights Back–Again!


Governor Ron DeSantis is prepared to defy ignorance and fear, and he takes action consistently and courageously. He knew that schools would try to enact mandatory mask mandates throughout the state, and before they could, he banned mandatory mandates. The commissioner of the Department of Education, Richard Corcoran, backed him up:

Just days after a state judge ruled that the governor’s ban was unconstitutional, Florida’s education commissioner on Monday announced the state was withholding funds from Alachua and Broward counties ‘for their continued violation of state law.’

Critical Theory in Ohio School Districts


Why do I do this to myself? True to form, The Bulwark‘s Charlie Sykes has once again dismissed anti-critical race theory sentiment as mere paranoia:

These are more than scattered anecdotes, and do seem to indicate a trend — at least in a certain strata of schools. But how widespread is this sort of thing in less elite, posh, rarefied precincts? . . . As far as I know, nobody knows the answer. And nobody really wants to find out. The point of shark attack politics is not data — it is fear and outrage. And for outrage, anecdata is more than sufficient. Statistics are irrelevant, if the stories are graphic and alarming enough. So, even though the vast majority of Americans will never encounter anything remotely like CRT, it becomes a real threat and a potent political weapon.

Member Post


With the current frenzy and media buzz surrounding the Central American caravan, which is tirelessly marching north to the US-Mexico Border, political pundits from both sides of the aisle are weighing in with a bevy of talking points. In addition, conspiracy theories are being bounced around with reckless abandon as to who is funding the march: is […]

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