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Jim and Greg get a kick out of Democrats being frustrated that giving away a ton of money in the “COVID relief” bill is not helping them much politically. They also cringe as a departing Pentagon official warns that China is so far ahead of us in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence that we look like kindergarteners by comparison. And they rip into the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board for apparently covering up a brutal sexual assault against a ninth grade girl in order to advance their transgender agenda.

Fighting Mask Mandates


The following is a prepared presentation to my kid’s school board concerning mask mandates. It is scheduled for 8:30 am and is a last-minute meeting where few parents were informed. Pray for our kids and that the board members make a wise decision.

My name is Stina. I have three children in the Florida Public School system. We have been here for a year, having moved from A Big City. I understand the Big City Public Schools has re-instated mandatory masking for all students and this school board may be feeling pressure to act in accord with the larger metro school board to our south, but I encourage you to resist doing things like Big City Public Schools. We moved here, like a great many other parents in our area, because Florida Public Schools has better schools. You don’t want to be like Big City Schools. Their schools aren’t as good. If any parents prefer how Big City Schools is handling their school system, I invite them to move across the county line. The real estate is cheaper.

Member Post


After some BLM-related controversies, my local school district, and especially the high school where I had the misfortune to spend four years, has, like all school districts in America, gone woke — though not so woke as northern Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools, which is flirting with the idea of banning dissent outright. But I […]

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