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Join Jim and Greg as they once again cheer the impending GOP control of the House and today’s news that Nancy Pelosi will step down as House Democratic leader after 20 years. They also welcome the coming House GOP investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop and several related issues of possible corruption but they believe the first major press conference of the incoming majority should have been to lay out an agenda to lower our food and energy costs. And they wince as California Sen. Dianne Feinstein makes it clear she has no recollection of turning down the role of Senate Pro Tempore in the upcoming Congress.

Byron York is in for Jim Geraghty today.  Byron and Greg cheer Mississippi’s attorney general for telling the Supreme Court there is no constitutional right to an abortion. They also react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting certain Republicans from the January 6th commission by pointing out the radical lefties she has named to the panel. And they have some choice words for the Biden administration after learning that Hunter Biden will be meeting prospective buyers of his ridiculously overpriced art when the transactions are supposed to be anonymous.

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E. and I missed the House impeachment proceedings. We scouted every upscale marina on the Potomac but failed to locate a skiff large enough to accommodate the horde of Adam Shiftless’s secret witnesses. I vowed to do better for the Senate trial. I hired some former Blackwater guys to tail Fatty Nadler as he slow-waddled […]

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the House of Representatives Not a creature was legislating, not even a socialist mouse; The impeachment was voted on by the democrats as a dare, in hopes that the sainted Media soon wouldn’t despair; The radicals were nestled all smug with their cloakroom goons, While visions of […]

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We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. As shoppers rush the malls and flood the internet, join Jim and Greg as they hand out their political gifts for 2019. Jim has carefully selected items for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and the Washington Redskins. Greg finds just the right items for President Trump, the failed 2020 presidential candidates, and the Democrats who are still running but often ignored.

Wholly Schiff!


In a comment the other day, I linked to a post by John Solomon which thanked Adam Schiff for providing supporting evidence for several articles that Solomon had written. I think we should be grateful to Schiff for a much wider range of things: he has taken us on a guided tour of the “deep state.”

It is like reading a book by Margaret Meade about Pacific Islanders and their unique beliefs and behavior. The people we have met have all been more arrogant than their intelligence/experience/knowledge support. We hear over and over about their “portfolio.” As near as I can figure, that is French for “My turf and no one, not even the President can encroach on it.” They totally resent being left out of any conversation that they think is something they should be in on. They despise Trump for having policies that are not supported by their “inter-agency policy.”

Whistleblower Unmasked: Cousin Itt


My world-renowned phrenologist, Dr. Hans O’Cranium, and I were in DC this week and inadvertently learned the identity of the heretofore unnamed whistleblower in the Trump impeachment inquiry: Cousin Itt, Gomez’s hairy cousin from The Addams Family.

Hans and I were on Capitol Hill to testify on the correlation of skull topography to the tendency of poorly educated pro athletes to make uninformed comments about complex geopolitical matters such as freedom of speech and trade with Red China.

What’s My Lyin’


I was in D.C. for my annual speech to the International Mensa Convocation when my longtime friend, attorney, and part-time oenophile, E. Hobart Calhoun, invited me to join him on the front row for a live presentation of the House Democracks’ hot new game show, What’s My Lyin’?

E. had just been named as the 78th member of President Big D’s impeachment defense team. As low man on Big D’s lawyer totem pole, E. had been dispatched to monitor the hit show, where panelists try to guess the contestant’s occupation.

The Horror! The Horror!


Call me Asher.

The story I’m about to tell you is about a discovery I made, a discovery that could have dreadful consequences if it were revealed to the world at large. For that reason, I’ll have to ask you to swear to never tell it to another person. Promise? OK, we can go on then.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and guest host Gregory Knapp discuss growing concerns in the Democratic Party over Joe Biden’s age with the second round of debates incoming. They analyze Rahm Emanuel’s editorial piece warning Democratic presidential candidates to unite the party in the primary or risk losing the general election. And they share a laugh over Adam Schiff’s sudden criticism of Robert Mueller’s recent testimony lacking an adequate ‘narrative.’