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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Only Liberals Can Save America (But They’re Not Going to Like It)


No one has to explain the broken nature of politics to people on the right. We’re locked in a civil war here. It transcends the issues of for Trump vs. against Trump. More than anything else it boils down to one side wishing to conduct politics in the civil style of the past versus another faction who wishes to wage war like the Democrats: full-bore, unapologetic, and without remorse.

This division is deep and exemplified by the US Senate race in Alabama. It has been so contentious that it’s being treated as nothing less than a religious schism. The anti-Roy Moore forces are accusing his supporters of abandoning their Christianity, while the just-hold-your-nose-and-vote-for-him crowd returns the volleys by questioning the others’ commitments to Christian tenets of charity, forgiveness, and basic fairness. Furthermore, what good is your Christian sense of propriety to give Jeff Sessions’s seat to a committed abortion activist?