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How to Build a Computer 9: Photoresist


We’ve just got off a quick overview on organic chemistry. Now we’re getting back to photoresist. The point of photoresist, if you’ll recall, is to take a pattern so you can print stuff on your wafer. To do that it has to be a chemical that responds to ultraviolet light. And I mean more “responds to” than get a mild sunburn; it’s got to chemically change so you can transfer the pattern of light into a pattern of stuff.

It’s a polymer made of benzene rings. Someone’s showing off.

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Last February, a barn in Wiltshire, a county in southwest England, caught fire when an electrical fault ignited 60 tonnes of hay. Firefighters were able to rescue two sows and eighteen piglets from the blaze, prompting farmer Rachel Rivers to promise the firefighters some sausages when the pigs were butchered. The promise was made good […]

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